Elder Mediation


Many of our families include one or more adults who need extra care — because they’re suffering from dementia, their mobility is limited, they’re just a little frail and forgetful. Often these adults are elderly — but not always. In my family, it’s a middle-aged sister who has been disabled by strokes and some other problems. Fortunately, my brother, sister-in-law, and partner are all on the same page — and my sister is pleased with the arrangements we’ve made. But in some families there are difficult conflicts: dad wants to stay in his home (even though he can’t handle stairs anymore, let alone get to the grocery store), daughter wants him to live in her home in Missoula, son wants him in an assisted living center in Eugene. Enter mediation.

See Mediators Save Caregivers’ Relationships: Professionals Can Help Siblings Make The Tough Health Care Decisions For Aging Parents, CBS News, Feb. 20, 2007. A list of Mediation Resources for Caregivers is here.

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