law librarians: they’re hot and cool


      A good self-helper, like a good librarian, needs perseverance and follow-through.  So, I’d be obliged to follow up our prior post about the Law Librarian Hotties Contest at Above the Law, even if it weren’t a fun way to remind the world that old stereotypes about librarians need to be amended (or even repealed).  After a month of reader polling, David Lat announced the winners on March 15, 2007:

Who is America’s Hottest Female Law Librarian?  JoyHanson

  • Joy Hanson, Research Librarian, United States Supreme Court, Washington, DC. Formerly Reference Librarian, Duke Law School

LarryReeves Who is America’s Hottest Male Law Librarian?

  • Larry Reeves, Adjunct Associate Professor of Law & Coordinator, First-Year Legal Research Program, Fordham Law School.

If you’re curious about the field of Law Librarian Hottie contestants, click to see and read about the Female Nominees and Male Nominees.  I hope it goes without saying that your shlep Editor in no way condones the puerile, mean-spirited comments found at the Above the Law website.

  • If you want some self-help substance regarding law librarians, see our post “trust your online virtual reference librarian,” to learn about LiveHelp and other online virtual/chat reference services provided by librarians.

waldoSorting  We don’t know if Above the Law will ever hold a Hottie Contest for Anonymous Webloggers.  We do know, when it comes to follow-through, that nobody beats the Editor of Blawg Review.  The anonymous BR Editor [“Ed”] scours the “blawgiverse” every week in search of the best weblog offerings by lawyers, law professors and law students.  He is assisted each week by a few hearty associate editors and a Guest Host, who posts the results on his or her host weblog each Monday. 

We want to congratulate “Ed” for his perseverance, as demonstrated by the unveiling today of Blawg Review #100 (March 18, 2007- yes, a very unlawyerly day before his deadline).  Blawg Review 100 focuses on the 90 or so weblogs that have hosted its law-weblog carnival, picking a recent posting of note from each site.  Because f/k/a hosted Blawg Review #52, Ed was kind enough to point his readers to my recent posting there, “no professional courtesy? shark bites lawyer,” which may interest lawyer-phobic (and shark fearing) self-helpers.   The early posting gives you a chance to peruse it at your leisure on the late-winter Sunday. [Disclaimer: Yes, we do have a soft spot in our hearts for Blawg Review, as it named shlep the Best Law Blog in the Public Interest, in the Blawg Review Awards 2006.]

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