Wordling the SBL’s 2011 Annual Meeting

Later this year, the Society of Biblical Literature will hold its annual meeting in San Francisco. Here are two Wordles I created from the program unit descriptions.*

2011 SBL Program Units Wordle 1

2011 SBL Program Units Wordle 2

It’ll be interesting to see Wordles of the actual paper titles, but we’ll have to wait a few more months for that.

Any surprises so far?

*Note that I lowed all caps, and I deleted these words from the Wordle: also, among, annual, bible, biblical, call, contact, description, e.g, first, group, meeting, one, open, paper, papers, program, programs, proposals, provide, provides, research, sbl, scholars, second, section, seek, seeks, session, studies, study, third, three, topic, topics, two, unit, within

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