Assignment Information

Assignment information:

A pdf with the assignments for the course to-date will be available at this location.  Assignments information is also available on Canvas.

Assignment formatting:

Assignments for this course are to be submitted on Canvas.  Since assignments are being submitted online, but this is a mathematics course, many students will choose to handwrite their assignments and will thus need to scan them.  Assignments should be submitted as pdf files with all questions in the correct order.  Many printers around campus have scanning capability, and the scan can be sent from the printer to an email address of your choosing.  In addition, various scanning apps exist for using a smartphone or tablet for scanning.  Here is one suggestion for Android and a few for iPhone and Android.  Searching “scanning apps” on the web will yield many options.

Academic Integrity Policy:

Discussion and the exchange of ideas are essential to doing academic work.  For assignments in this course, you are encouraged to consult with your classmates as you work on problem sets.  Althought you are encouraged to discuss homework problem with your peers, your TFs, and your instructor, the ultimate write-up of your work is expected to be your own.  Specifically, this means that if you work together to generate a joint solution, you are expected to not copy from that solution when writing your up your homework solutions for submission.

Given credit to others for their work and their ideas is central to the academic enterprise.  This includes naming collaborators, citing students or TFs whom you ask a question, and listing internet and text sources that you consult.  To this end, on your homework, you must list any books, articles, websites, etc that you have consulted while working on the problem set.  Similarly you must list the names of anyone with whom you have collaborated, or whom you have consulted, on problem sets.  These citations go on the Homework Cover Sheet survey that is turned in with each assignment.