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Sophisticated Lakeside Swims
Thursday July 03rd 2003, 3:31 pm
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Sophie rang back at the eighth moment, and I and I headed out to Lincoln to meet her and the infamous bust, for a little water and sun (and large noisy families!).  It was wonderful; at 86 she still swims diagonally across the lake and back, and was sharp as a tack, up to her biting witticisms about the families around us [next to us, and the source for many of them, was a family of 15 in which all the adults made lots of noise and ran about, and the kids were sedate and quiet].  Before we left, Inna noted that people were so modest around here (in the US in general) that we had bathing suits made for little kids, and none ran about naked…

As if on cue, a pair of young’uns of 3 and 4 appeared, one popping up out of the water and another waddling over towards her down the beach, both actively working their way out of their swimsuits, in which comparative freedom they remained until we all returned home fifteen minutes later.  We all felt better about it.

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