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Myths of lists and linear fame
Friday August 25th 2006, 5:46 am
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A good read about myths online, readership, popularity, and the results.  Nick Carr’s bit on the Great Unread, presenting what I see as the slightly-off worldview, is nevertheless excellent writing.  The recurring blog discussions on the topic, with their tinge of hysteira and self-absorption, are representative of a special flavor of our decade.  I wouldn’t dream of anyone seriously claiming that today we don’t have access to digital printing presses onlnie — until  I had seen it for the first time.  (I suppose those doing so have only the rosiest ideas about what happens when you put together the text for a document and fire up your press and then have to go out and try distributing the results.)

In other news :  is amazing.
And Superman loves wikis.  Go Supe!

Myths of lists and linear fame …

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