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Three Copyright Myths and Where to Start to Fix it – a policy brief

A lovely short policy brief on designing a better copyright regime was published on Friday – before being quickly taken offline again.  I’ve reposted it here with light cleanup of its section headings.

If you care at all about copyright and its quirks, this is short and worth reading in full.

Another reason not to copyright logos
Thursday May 28th 2009, 4:25 pm
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…and should leave their source files publicly available.  Because most logos need work, and you never know who’s going to improve on yours for their own reasons.  (Of course you should still trademark them.)

Bjorn S. reflects on designing the first Wikipedia logo (designed for Nupedia but never used on that project), and describes how it led to today’s silver ball… and how he didn’t know about any of this until a week ago.

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