A Surprise Guest…and My Personal Secret Service Clearance

We were pleasantly surprised last night to have our former neighbor from Salem stop by. She apparently missed her train back to Salem and took us up on our offer to let her hang out with us while she waits. It was great to see her…but even more rewarding to hear the hellish stories about our former condo building and realize that we no longer have to put up with that crap (roof leaks, building-controlled air-conditioning in a building with 95% senior citizens that are perpetually cold).

Funny story about our old condo…the guy that bought it saw our condo on the worst day possible. It was Christmas Eve and we’d had a huge blizzard (over 3-feet of snow) a few weeks earlier. Then the weekend before he toured the condo, it warmed up and rained heavily. The rain, on top of the 3 feet of snow, caused MAJOR damage to the building. Oh, did I mention that contractors had pulled up the old roof the week before the blizzard since the buiding had a history of leaks and they finally decided to replace it? The timing couldn’t have been worse.

Our unit was on the top floor and the ceiling had collapsed so you could see the beams supporting the roof. Light fixtures were dangling in the hallway and to top it off, the elevator was broken since the water ruined the motor. This elderly man had to climb 6 floors, walk around collapsed ceiling particles and step on a sopping wet carpet just to get to our unit.

And he made an offer matching our asking price. Go figure – I guess we had a good broker! Or Santa had an early gift for us.

But things aren’t always so grand in our new condo, either. Granted, the condo is fabulous and we have no complaints about the building. But the Democratic National Convention is going to make our building a huge hassle to get to. In addition to closing the two subway stations across the street, the train station across the street, the ferry boat landing behind our building and the major highway getting into the city, they’re shutting down our street (and all surrounding streets) beginning 2 days before the convention. In fact, the news said that residents will have to get security clearance passes from the Secret Service just so we can go home! Rumor is that the press will be using our building as media headquarters throughout the convention since we overlook all of the activities. FUN!

We’ll only have to deal with this crap for one day before heading to Provincetown. But at least I’ll have a Secret Service clearance badge as a souvenier. Knowing my luck I’ll fail clearance and be detained.

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  1. Comment by matt on May 21, 2004 5:42 pm

    wow — how do we sign up for our badge?

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