Last night, Matt, Helen and I went to see “Oklahoma” at Boston’s Colonial Theatre*. This is a magnificent 100+ year old theatre with lots of plush velvet and gold leaf. One of the things I love about living in an old city like Boston is the architecture. It’s so strange that I prefer my home to have all modern amenities and features, yet when it comes to spaces outside my home, I prefer old. There’s no comparison between the Colonial (or Wang, Huntington, Symphony Hall, Majestic,Wilbur or even the run down Orpheum) with modern performances spaces like the A.RT. For me, part of the whole theatre experience is the opulence of the venue (especially with ticket prices of $100).

Anyway, what I really wanted to write about was the musical. Oklahoma was definitely not what I expected. There were a few kick-ass dance/song sequences, but overall, it felt rather long. But this wasn’t any fault of the performers. In fact, the performances were great.

But the story itself made me seek a better unerstanding about the residents of Oklahoma (hopefully Unerlinlg and Homoesque can respond). I know that this was supposed to take place in the early 1900’s, but the community was raising money to build a school by auctioning off the women folk! And when they had a community dance, the men all started fighting (you’d never see such behavior at the Ramrod or the Sling!)

And I’d be reluctant to have the judge of any trial I’m in also be a farmer (same went for the marshal who was also a cowboy).

Although, I think building a school is a very good cause – particularly wih the terrible grammar among these people! Unlike Bostonian’s who eliminate the letter “r” from many words (Pahk the Cah in Harvahd Yahd), Oklahoman’s add them (idear=idea, womern=women). And most strange, their verb conjugation confused me. Heard (we pronounce herd) was pronounced here…with a “d” at the end.

Now I’m wanting to speak with Underling and Homoesque to see what their accents are like. Accents fascinate me. I’ve chatted on line with people throughout the country (and some segments of the world) and through chat, no accent is detectable. But one time a cyber-buddy of mine from Ohio enabled audio to our chat session and I realized he had an accent. Even funnier, while we were speaking he continued to deny he had an accent!

But back to Oklahoma…I’ve decided I’m still willing to go there if all of the men are as hunky as the performers. I mean, a place can’t be all that bad if the men run around with leather chaps and cowboy boots all day long.


*I tried searching the internet for an interior photo of the Colonial Theatre but couldn’t find any good ones. During my search, I ran into this website:http://www.kath-leen.com/photos/the_potty_album/. It’s a website devoted to public bathrooms. But not in the gay tea room sort of way…this is a legitimate log of the various potties around! I love the internet.


  1. Comment by Kathleen on May 28, 2004 8:37 pm

    thanks for the link, karl.

    and, you’re right. the colonial is beautiful. the work in the cloak area/entrance to the women’s pottys on the lobby level alone is *amazing*.

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