Moth Balls

So, I was reading a magazine this morning and there was an ad for some high-end clothing designer who designed clothes with those strategically placed rips and holes (why somebody would spend $2,600 on a torn jean jacket is beyond me). Anyway, the holes got me to thinking about moth balls. Why?

Why do people use moth balls? I’m thinking that moths might have been more common 50 years ago so that moth balls were required back then to prevent the moths from eating your clothes. But I’ve never purchased moth balls and my clothes have never been devoured by moths. In fact, I almost never see moths outside, let alone inside my home.

Nowadays, it seems if I’m ever out in public and start smelling moth balls, it’s because an elderaly man or woman is nearby. Young people don’t smell like moth balls…why do old people? I’m beginning to think it preserves the elderly…kind of like like fermaldahyde.

Does this mean young people don’t use them? And if so, why do the elderly need to use them? If you know the answer, please let me know. But now, I’ll end this posting with a stale 3rd grade joke:

Question: Have you ever smelled moth balls?

Answer: Yes

Punchline: Pervert.


Happy Memorial Day, everybody!


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  1. Comment by Erica on June 2, 2004 3:39 pm

    We have moths. They are evil and cannot be purged, it seems, despite intensive efforts. Maybe moth balls would be a good idea… ack.

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