A Surprise Guest…and My Personal Secret Service Clearance

We were pleasantly surprised last night to have our former neighbor from Salem stop by. She apparently missed her train back to Salem and took us up on our offer to let her hang out with us while she waits. It was great to see her…but even more rewarding to hear the hellish stories about […]

Meteorological Murder

Drip….Drip…. Do you hear that sound? That’s the sounds of perspiration puddling around me. When I woke up this morning and watched the news, I did what I always do and checked two different stations (CBS on Channel 4 and Fox on Channel 25, for those who care). Both stations indicated that the coast would […]

A Snunk By Any Other Name Will Smell As Sweet

Underling’s comment reminded me of a story. Back in the mid-90’s my parents went on vacation to one of their strange destinations (they’re trying to visit every state in the country and will spend a week in Idaho or Nebraska). They asked me to go to the Cape and dog-sit for them. Now, this is […]

Olfactory Failure

Dusty has developed an annoying habit of barking. She’ll be peacefully resting on the couch next to me and then start barking. Incessantly. Or she’ll be playing with a toy (or my sneakers) and then stop, look at me, and bark. Since she’s only 5 pounds, these barks are VERY high-pitched. And since she doesn’t stop, […]

A Quick Rant

I’ll write more later today because I’ve got some stuff to do now. But I have something I want to say (how Jerry Blank of me). I really don’t want to keep beating a dead horse  – so hopefully this will be my final gay marriage rant. I find it so ironic that yesterday, on […]

The Conflagration is Late – the Devil Must Have Overslept

Something’s wrong here. According to the majority of religious leaders in the world, the bowels of Hell were supposed to break through the land of Massachusetts and swallow us whole. You see, as of midnight last night, gays and lesbiams were allowed to get married in this state. And, with all of the hoopla about […]

A Shared “OOPS”

We’re back from Portland! Things started off on the right foot. Our friends picked us up promptly at 9:30 a.m. and we headed north to Portland. The sun was shining and our friend’s brought a great home made mix CD of 80’s staples like “Let’s Go All the Way” by Sly Fox, “Talk Dirty to […]

…And They’re Off!

In just under an hour Matt and I will be picked up by our friends, Bill and Dan, and will we’ll all head up to Portland, Maine for the weekend. Our other friend, Dave, has written a play that is having a reading up there so we decided to make a weekend out of it. […]

How Low Will They Go?

I try not to be political on here, but I have some questions I’m hoping my readers can answer. Actually, it’s more of a rant….but please induldge me. I tend to watch the local network news versus national news progams like Dan Rather and Tom Brokaw. I’m not necessarily loyal to one network so I’ll […]

The Last of the Mohiquestions

The questions keep coming and coming! My life is an open book. Actually, although I