Dog Days of Summer

No, yesterday wasn’t hazy, hot and humid (one of the typical dog days of summer). In fact, the weather was beautiful – in the 70’s, slight breeze, mix of sun and fluffy clouds. Yesterday was a dog day of summer because of Dusty….the Shih Tzu.

She seemed a bit lethargic yesterday morning and only wanted to cuddle (versus annoy the shit out of me by chasing me or crying when I left the room for two seconds). Matt and I decided to see the matinee of “Garden State” so after taking Dusty for a brief walk, we put her in the cage, exited the condo and walked towards the elevator. Within seconds Dusty started making noises like we’d never heard before. You’d have thought she was being hung by her tail and torched with cigarette lighters (don’t get any ideas, Chris). This sound was echoing down the entire common corridor.

The noise got so bad that Matt and I came back home and skipped the movie. Instead, we took her out of the cage (she was so excited it was as if we’d been gone for days…versus the 45-60 seconds we were actually gone) and we then watched a DVD. Dusty slept on my lap most of the time (something she NEVER does) so it was obvious that something wasn’t right.

About three-quarters the way through the film she wanted to get down. I put her on the floor, she left for the kitchen and then I heard an odd sound. We paused the DVD and Dusty had thrown up (of course, she does this on the one little area rug we have in the whole condo versus the remaining 99.5% of the condo that has hardwood floors).

We cleaned it up, comforted Dusty and then she went to rest in her little doggie-bed by the window*.

The rest of the day was pretty much Dusty-focused. I needed to get fruit at the produce market down the street and Dusty came along. I played on the computer, Dusty sat on my lap. Matt watched another DVD, Dusty actually laid on his belly watching the screen with him.

We’re so whipped.


*Note to self: Dusty is enjoying the floor-to-ceiling windows more than ever (She loves watching birds fly by the windows). Remember to Windex them because we now have doggie-snot marks on the glass about 12-18 inches above the floor).


  1. Comment by chrispy on August 9, 2004 12:55 pm

    youve just outlined the major reasons john and i dont have kids or pets.

  2. Comment by matt on August 9, 2004 10:06 pm

    Dusty likes to sleep on me while I watch DVD’s. However, when she was feeling bad I think she felt safer with Karl.

    Chris — Dusty makes me so happy when I walk in from a bad day at work — she can do no wrong in my book. Now, Karl has a different opinion on this. …as you know.

  3. Comment by chrispy on August 10, 2004 1:53 pm

    i know that people love their pets, usually as much as a family member. but i know that im too selfish with my extra time to devote to a pet, especially after quality time with john (the work schedule is erratic at best).

    as for kids, im honestly terrified of the amount of responsibility that comes with forming another person’s character,personality, values, beliefs, etc. children are in investment, and i know i dont have the inner strength to raise and care for a child.

  4. Comment by Will on August 10, 2004 6:40 pm

    Guys, Dusty is beginning to sound suspiciously like a cat. The absolute worst example was a time I was very happily having sex and my cat calmly walked in the room. leapt up onto my back and settled down for the ride.

    I do hope she’s OK though–have you had those strange symptoms checked out?

  5. Comment by David on August 11, 2004 11:10 am

    Yeah! Dusty Rules!!

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