Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina (or Oklahoma City, Cambridge, Boston, Somerville, Chicago, Cape Cod or Arizona)

Thanks for all of your kind comments, emails, phone calls and instant messages regarding yesterday’s posting. I really, REALLY appreciate it. But I’ll be fine (actually, I think we’ll be fine). I think the worst of it is over. I know there will be difficult moments ahead (particularly the day we officially stop living together – which I suppose could be worse than last Thursday). But overall, I think we’ll both benefit from this situation and we’ll both grow individually and emotionally in the end.

That said – no more sadness.

We’re having our first condo showing today. The broker and I came up with a price yesterday morning and then by the afternoon she called to say that she already has a client interested in the unit. Of course, that means nothing. We had a similar turn-around the last time we sold a condo and it was still on the market for two months. But I’ll keep my fingers crossed. At the current listed price, we would be able to make a nice profit (about 25% after only 9 months).

So tomorrow the city is hosting a parade for the Boston Red Sox (I can’t wait until this whole thing is yesterday’s news). The city is expecting between 3 million and 5 million people to descend upon the city for this thing. For security reasons, the city is not having a rally on City Hall Plaza (the end of the parade route) as they did when the Patriot’s won last year. But since they’re still ending the parade there, I think it’s somewhat inevitable that people are going to congregate there anyway. UGH – and we’re not too far from City Hall. Our neighborhood has been completely silent during the whole sports-riot shenanigans because we’re so far from the college-oriented Fenway neighborhood*. But now they’re bringing the crowds to us. Yay!

To make matters worse, the MBTA (subway/commuter rail system) is expecting it to be the biggest day in Boston transit history. In fact, they’re not even allowing passengers to wait in North Station because the station is too small! According to the MBTA website, they’re going to have people wait outside in designated staging areas and then let them in when the train is ready to board (and we’re next door to North Station). Did I say ugh?

*Off the top of my head, within under a one-mile radius of Fenway Park (and the Fenway neighborhood) I can think of the following colleges: Northeastern, Wentworth, MassArt, Museum School, Harvard Medical School, Harvard School of Public Health, Mass. College of Pharmacy, Boston University, Simmons, Emmanuel, Wheelock, Berklee, New England Conservatory, Boston Art Institute, Boston School of Photography and Fisher Junior College. And I’m sure I’m missing some.


  1. Comment by David on October 29, 2004 4:29 pm

    So stay in bed and hide under the covers.:)

  2. Comment by David on October 29, 2004 4:29 pm

    So stay in bed and hide under the covers.:)

  3. Comment by jeff on October 30, 2004 10:40 am

    It’s gonna be a mess – so glad I don’t have to be in Boston today!

  4. Comment by Will on October 30, 2004 11:51 pm

    Emerson College (where I headed the stage design department for five years) is probably beyond the one mile limit, but not far and IS close to the parade route.

  5. Comment by Dan on November 1, 2004 6:22 pm

    I think Roxbury Community College has a campus next to BU. The main campus may even be only a mile away via air travel.

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