…and I’m off

Tomorrow morning I catch the Fung Wah bus for New York City. Vito and I plan to arrive around 12:30 and go to the Museum of Modern Art. Then we’re checking into the hotel and meeting up with my other friend, Chris for dinner. What happens after that will be a surprise to all of us.

For once in my life I’m not anally planning my trip to the nano-second. It’s all part of the whole turning over of the proverbial leaf. I’m trying to be more spontaneous, more low-key. Wish me luck!

In other news, my best friend from college, Jeff, and his partner, Paul, got snowed into Boston and have been crashing at my place for the past two nights. The poor things – they’ve spent the past two full days from 6AM until close to 6PM at the airport waiting for a flight back to southern California. Hopefully they catch a flight tomorrow morning because I won’t be around to let them use my apartment anymore!

Anyway, here’s a picture I took of them last night (Jeff is on the right)

So, I’ll write more when I get back from Manhattan. Hopefully I’ll have some stories to tell.


  1. Comment by David on December 29, 2004 9:17 am

    Nice looking couple Karl.
    Such a gracious host…….
    Bring me home a present from NYC will you?

  2. Comment by karyn on December 30, 2004 11:48 am

    I HEART New York. Wistful. Envious. Happy for you though. And those guys are gorgeous. If you stumble across Mr. Big, please bring him back for me. (Shh.)

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