I’m Home…for a few hours

I’m back from New York (for a few hours at least…until I spend New Years with my friends David and Chad tonight)!!!  Vito and I managed to squeeze a lot into 25 hours. We arrived in New York City’s Chinatown around 1:30 PM on Wednesday. We jumped on the subway, bought a MetroPass (6 rides from the price of 5 – woohoo), and took the train to Chelsea. Well, sort of. The train dropped us off at 32nd Street and our hotel was at 25th so we had a few blocks to walk. But we checked into one of the gayest hotels fathomable (the lobby was SO cruisy, the rooms were SO trendy and the location was SO convenient).

Anyway, we just dropped off our bags and decided to walk to the Museum of Modern Art. I was there a few years ago before their expansion and simply walked right into the lobby, waited in a 5 minute line and explored the musuem. Silly us failed to consider that a) it’s a holiday week and b) the musuem just re-opened last month. Needless to say, we arrived to find the line wrapped down the sidewalk, into an alley and back and forth, back and forth. It was already 3:00 PM and they closed at 5:30 so I can’t imagine these people would have much time to explore the museum. We overheard an employee encouraging people to try TicketMaster to get tickets. HMMM – I never would have thought of using them for museums. My, how times change.

Anyway, we decided to walk around (bypassing Times Square), and then ate at this little French Place on either 7th or 8th Ave. Then we rested a bit at the hotel (watching a “fascinating” story on A&E about the transformation of Fort Lauderdale from the spring break capital of the U.S. to a hip and trendy vacation spot). Once that was over  we walked to the Village, met up with Chris, Patrick and Jarrod around 9PM and had dinner at some place with the word “Hudson” in the name.

After dinner, Chris, Vito and I hit some gay clubs: first was Splash (where Chris knows the bartender). I don’t think we fit in there – it was full of muscle clones and a pair of go-go dancers. After one drink (and some people watching) we walked to Barracuda, which was much more our speed. We lasted there quite a while taking in the sites (and by sites I mean people).

After dropping Chris off at the subway, Vito and I retired to the hotel room where we chatted for a few hours before going to sleep. Then we woke up, walked to the Village and ate bagels and croissants on the Christopher Street Pier before meeting up with Chris again so he could guide me into a more fashionable existence.

We went to Soho and Chris helped both Vito and me pick out clothes. For me, we were seeking basics (that fit). But after trying on more outfits than I can remember, I only ended up buying a pair of fitted black pants at Zara. However, with Chris’ guidance, Vito kicked ass and got two pairs of pants and a few shirts! WOO HOO

After shopping, Vito and I caught the 4PM Fung Wah bus back to Boston. Unfortunately, we got caught up in rush hour traffic and car accidents in both Stamford AND Bridgeport, Connecticut. This resulted in a 3.5 hour trip lasting nearly 6 hours.

But, even though my ass was numb from sitting for so long, the trip was a blast and I can’t wait to return. And I have motivation to return, too….I still have 5 more rides available on my MetroPass!


  1. Comment by David on December 31, 2004 1:09 pm

    Hey, Did you and Vito see any live chickens on the bus?

  2. Comment by Thom on December 31, 2004 1:17 pm

    Shopping in Manhattan and only one pair of pants? Karl, Karl, Karl…

  3. Comment by Karl on December 31, 2004 2:37 pm

    It’s funny you ask that, David! Before we caught the bus, we took a cab through Chinatown to get there…and somewhere on the street outside (while stuck in traffice) we could hear roosters!

    And, Thom – I know, it’s a shame. But they’re nice pants! lol I’m going away again in two weeks. Maybe I’ll buy more clothes then.

  4. Comment by jeff on December 31, 2004 6:04 pm

    Happy New Year!

  5. Comment by karyn on January 3, 2005 11:32 am

    Yeah, I’m with Thom. One pair of pants – that is sad.

    And by sites, do you mean sights? What was your class rank again? Jeez.


    I loved New York when I went. Love to go again but I’ll have to wait until the gruesome twosome are old enough to be left for a significant period. Or until I don’t like them anymore…what, 10, 12 years oughta do it… sigh.

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