Hey, Evil-Doers! Easy Target Here!

Despite Massachusetts being the departure point for flights causing the largest attack ever on U.S. soil, it was reported yesterday that Massachusetts is currently the least prepared state for a bio-terrorist attack. HMMM – don’t you think we’d have learned our lesson from the 9/11 fiasco? It’s pretty embarrassing that the only other state as ill-prepared as […]

Christmas Jackass

I received a homemade holiday mix CD yesterday from my friend, Chris. I LOVE IT! It’s got such an eclectic mix of songs – many that I’d never heard before. There were also others that I’ve always loved, but never knew were available – like Rosemary Clooney’s “Love, You Didn’t Do Right By Me” (as sung […]

The Harsh Realities of Charm

It’s Monday and I’m back at work after a very busy weekend. Since leaving work at 2PM on Thursday, I picked up the keys to my new apartment, bought a new computer, packed up the remaining items at the condo, moved, shopped for remaining necessities, unpacked, went to class, unpacked more, assembled furniture (LOTS of […]

Mormons, Mormons Everywhere

I was never too familiar with the Mormon religion. In fact, I’d never knowingly met a Mormon until recently. As a child on Cape Cod, there were few (if not none). As an adult, I’ve lived in Boston for 15 years and, until recently, never saw their elders walking around. …until recently All of a […]

The Irony of My TV Dinner

For the past 5 days I’ve been staying with Matt in his new apartment (I’m moving into mine on Friday). All of my belongings are at the old condo so I just brought over enough clothes for the week and nothing else. Since I’m technically a guest in his place, I didn’t want to hog […]

Severed Lines to the World

Here’s a perfect example of how scatter-brained I have been the past few weeks (with everything going on: moving, two classes, a computer project, a finanial planning test, finding a home for Dusty, working, breaking up). I arranged for Matt to have his cable (computer and tv) installed on the afternoon in which he moved (Thursday). […]

The Packing Game

After helping Matt settle into his new place on Thursday and Friday, I started focusing on finishing up my packing for my big move this week. When we arrived at the old condo on Saturday, we both said that it looked like nearly everything was packed so there wouldn’t be much left to do. Yet by […]

Feed the World

Matt and I read Q Magazine each month (the far superior British equivalent of Rolling Stone) and in the recent issue they mentioned a remake of “Do They Know It’s Christmas”. I loved the original – cheezy synthesizers and all. I was a bit saddened to hear they made a remake because, quite honestly, remakes usually suck. […]

Owning vs. Renting: My Two Cents Worth.

I miss renting. I know that home-ownerhip has it’s perks (I’ve reaped the financial rewards to some extent myself), but there are too many myths and complications associated with owning vs. renting: 1 – Myth – rent goes up, but your mortgage will always stay the same. Bullshit. True, if you get a 30 year […]