A Weekend Too Beautiful for Words…So I Took Pictures!

…and then got too lazy to download them so you’ll just have to trust me on that one.

But it really ended up being a nice weekend. Friday was the memorial for my friend, Regina. I went into the office in the morning, but most of my day was focused on the memorial preparations. The weather was perfect – sunny and cool. People started filtering in for the memorial shortly after 1PM and by the time things got started just after 1:30PM, my last head count was fifty-something people. For the most part, the memorial went by without a hitch, although a nearby door buzzer became a bit of a distraction and I thought that some of the speakers spoke for a little too long (but that’s just me). This memorial was much easier for me emotionally than the informal one that we had at the office just two days after her death. I suppose the element of time makes things easier…but I still managed to choke up when her brother, Larry, spoke.

But by the end of the ceremony, I was exhausted. I’d had a tetanus shot during my physical exam on Wednesday and it made me achy and feverish. I just wanted to sleep. I bailed out on going to dinner with Larry, his wife and Ben and Brad (two more friends), but I did join them for an hour after the service for a croissant.

Then I did nothing when I got home. Rich came over and we sat on the sofa watching DVD’s of Strangers With Candy until going to sleep at 9:30 (on a Friday night!!!!)

I also had a really nice time hanging out with Matt on Saturday. This was probably the most time we’d spent together since moving out of the condo. We didn’t really do much of anything but talk, walk and eat…but it was just so nice, so comforting, so familiar.

On Sunday, the weather was so nice that Rich and I got together and went to Mount Auburn Cemetery (where I took oodles of pictures) and then on to the Arnold Arboretum (where more pictures were taken). We found a nice spot on some boulders along a babbling brook and just watched the water rushing to nowhere. It was so therapueutic. I can’t tell you how long we just sat there in silence…just watching the water. AHHHHH

And now it’s Patriot’s Day in Boston (AKA Boston Marathon Day) and the city is abuzz. Everybody has the day off…except me (this is the one holiday we don’t get). But that’s okay, at least in my office I can avoid the tourists.


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