For the first time in a long time I think I can honestly say that the weekend went by too quickly. It was a very pleasurable weekend – and completely stress free and relaxed – yet I still did not want to get up this morning. Though, part of that may be because it was […]

I’m More Worried about the PC Monster

OK, it’s bad enough that politicians and pseudo-religious figures are claiming that various cartoon and children’s characters are gay or promoting acceptance of homosexuality (Bert and Ernie, Telletubbies, SpongeBob, Baxter). But now the politically correct police are making Cookie Monster treat cookies as “a sometimes food” !?!?!?!?!?!?!? Now, I was never a fan of children’s […]

An Evening of Thee-Aye-Terr

I had so much fun last night at “Culture Class in Americca”. I won a pair of tickets off the website,, and expected the seats to be in the back row. Imagine my surprise when I walked up to the ticket booth and was given FRONT ROW aisle seats! The theatre is one of the […]

Culture Clash

Rich and I are off to see Culture Clash in AmeriCCa tonight in one of the new theatres at the Boston Center of the Arts. I don’t know which I’m more excited about – seeing the she show or exploring the architecture of the new building. I guess both. I opened the windows of my […]

The Power of the Internet

I’m famous! (not really) I got an email from a long lost co-worker from two jobs and 7+ years ago. His emailed asking if I was the Granola from God guy. Confused, I replied that I have a blog and wrote about them, but I am not, in fact, the Chosen Granola One. He then responded that […]

Karl and Rich Go To Underground Video

Somehow, that doesn’t have as clever a ring to it as “Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle”. But while at the video store, that’s one of the DVD’s we rented. It was my idea because I’d read so much about it. Critics were saying it was very clever and a new kind of stoner […]

Random Ramblings

Although network TV this morning would lead you to believe that absolutely nothing is happening in the world except for the Pope’s failing health (seriously folks, does the entire broadcast on ALL major networks have to be devoted to this? The whole world isn’t Catholic, you know), there are a few things going on worth […]