Catching Up on Life

It’s Monday, it’s gloomy. But I don’t care. I actually had a good weekend. No hospitals, no deaths, cooperative weather, and a just the right amount of social activity.

There were a few highlights. The first was a Friday night to myself. AHHHHHH. I had intended to pull out my old French book and audio tapes (from when I took a French class a few year ago) so that I could have a little refresher before going to Paris next week (EEK – NEXT WEEK!). Instead, I was too lazy to even do that. I simply played on-line and watched TV.

Saturday I met up with Rich to track down some new sunglasses and an iPod charger. The sunglasses are desperately needed as the $5 pair I bought on 5th Avenue in NYC cracked. This leaves me with my ultra-sexy, uber-butch sunglasses with NASCAR written on the sides. That said, it was obviously time I invest in a new pair. My friend, Brad, showed me a great pair he bought at Olympia Sports. I tried there…and they were out of ALL sunglasses. I checked City Sports, but didn’t find any I liked. So that errand failed. I went home with no sunglasses.

Rich and I then searched for the iPod charger. Too lazy to go to Cambridgeside, we checked out the Back Bay (which is also where we searched for cheap sunglasses). After stops at Newbury Comics, Radio Shack and Tweeter, we discovered that all of these shops sell iPod accessories (car converters, protective cases, cradles), but not the charger. I guess I will have to go the Apple Store in Cambridge aferall. So that errand failed, too. I went home without an iPod charger.

Still, Rich and I had a good time talking and walking. And we got to explore more of the city’s statues with footwear on them (celebrating Boston’s 375th birthday and it’s status as a walking city). I think my favorite has to be the George Washington statue on the Public Garden. They put gold high-heeled ballet shoes (with gold ribbons running up the legs) on his horse. And even better, they put purple (yes, purple) boots with a faux fur band around the top. If George only knew. I personally think it’s great whimsical fun. But we overhead some stodgy types calling it offensive.

Later that evening, I attended the first ever Gay Boston Bloggers gathering at Border Cafe in Harvard Square. Based on blogs all of us read, we’ve determined that there are at least 20 gay bloggers in the immediate area (that we know of – I’m sure there are more). However, some were discovered a little late in the game.

There were 5 attendees this time around and we had a great time. Jason (of Ex Post Facto) and Will (of Designer Blog) can be read via the links on the right of this page. Keith (of Sick of Food) and Bryan (of That’s Interesting) can be found via links off Will’s blog. I should probably add them to my list of links, too. I think the next event is going to be a dim sum based event in Chinatown. I’ll keep you posted (if you’re gay and in the Boston area).

Anyway, the food was great and the conversation fun. I’m always curious as to how and why people started blogging. Hell, I’m just curious about people – it’s the voyeur in me. And, with my social anxiety, it’s all the more shocking that I actually went out and did something at night! YAY ME! I had intended to take a picture of the gang to memorialize the event, but the camera never left my pocket. I had forgotten all about it until after Jason walked one way to his bus and Bryan parted for a separate subway platform. By then there were just three of us. D’oh.

Sunday morning was spent being wonderfully lazy. I did venture to the market in the afternoon for a few things before Rich, Jason, Sven and 4 of Sven’s friends came over to watch the fireworks (concluding Boston’s 375th birthday celebration). And what a spectacular fire works display it was! We all stood on one of the wharves along Boston Harbor joking and laughing (Sven at one point commented on how the splashes of color from the fireworks were perfectly coordinated with his wardrobe). I can’t believe Boston is 375 years old. Hell, even it’s subway is over 105 years old.

Then again, I’ll be in Paris next week where Notre Dame was built in the 1200’s. Compared to Europe, Boston is just a baby.



  1. Comment by Brad on September 26, 2005 11:23 am

    And did you take pics of George in his gold shoes? My, my, Dorothy, we aren’t in Kansas anymore! It sounds like a great weekend. Sorry you didn’t find the sunglasses. We should talk. I might be able to help out later in the week.

  2. Comment by chrispy on September 26, 2005 11:41 am

    babes, save your $$$ and buy your sunglasses Over There.youll be surprised how much less “luxury goods” cost overseas…Gay Dim Sum what a great idea!

  3. Comment by jeff on September 26, 2005 1:12 pm

    Sorry I missed the QBB – I wish I could have made it and next time, I’ll be there.

  4. Comment by JC on September 26, 2005 2:56 pm

    What happened to the charger that came with your iPod?
    By the way…I blogged today!

  5. Comment by karyn on September 26, 2005 2:56 pm

    Sorry Snarl, I’m sticking to my position relative to the statues and their footwear. Whimsy is wonderful, I’m all for it. There should always be room for a little levity. But this isn’t a one-day thing, and there are homeless kids in Boston who could use new footwear and the city can’t outfit THEM with shoes but they can put shoes on George Washington’s horse. There is something wrong here.

    Sounds like you had a great time and I think that was pretty necessary for you!

    I am sooo jealous about your trip to Paris. Will you bring me something fabulous? The only thing I have from Paris is an irridescent aqua colored 20cent Eiffel Tower keychain which broke. Tres sad.

  6. Comment by Karl on September 26, 2005 3:16 pm

    Oh, Karyn. I respectively have to disagree. With all of the crap going on in the world, we need a little whimsy. We need little explosions of happiness – no matter how obscure they may be.

    Besides, under that rationality, we would never invest in the fun in life: the arts. THough, by the same token I find it obscene that an actor will earn $25 million to star in a film.

  7. Comment by karyn on September 27, 2005 8:21 am

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m very pro-whimsy and pro-arts too. I just find putting the gym shoes on historical figures off-putting on a couple of different levels.

    However, you will be reassured to see that I agree with you about actors charging $25 million to sulk in front of a camera. I know it gets hot, and some people become emotionally invested in their character and it can be time consuming and boring and take them away from their families. But whose job doesn’t have boring time consuming periods that leave them away from the ones they love? I know it’s apples and oranges…kind of…maybe it’s Macintoshes and Granny Smiths. Anyway, talk about overpriced! I’m with you.

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