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I’m going to end this blog posting on a high note…I promise. But first, the crappy stuff:

Once again, my Mom is in the hospital. You may recall she took a fall nearly two weeks ago and banged her head pretty bad. She didn’t go to the doctor for 3 days and when she did go they admitted her on the spot. She was released last Saturday once some CAT scans indicated the blood clot or subudral hematoma (or whatever it is) wasn’t growing.

However, I got a call yesterday telling me that my Mom went back to the hospital on Sunday because her head aches were getting worse and she was vomitting (please note that Wednesday is 3 days after Sunday…they didn’t want to “upset or worry” me…ugh). Anyway, she was transferred from one hospital to another so that she could be observed by a neurosurgeon. She’s been having almost daily CAT scans and has had MRI’s done.

So far, the presumed subdural hematoma has not grown. But it’s also not gone away and neither have the headaches.

The call from my Dad yesterday was to ask that I come down and help out because a) all of this worry has made his high blood pressure sky rocket to very dangerous levels (the’ve given him new meds); b) he’s developed a massive head ache (caused by the blood pressure); c) he’s still needing to be administered medication in his eyes as a result of his own cataract surgery that he had just days before my Mom’s fall; d) I want to visit my Mom in the hospital; e) Dad needs helps with the dog since he’s not supposed to be outside with his eyes yet; and f) Dad isn’t supposed to drive so he can’t easily visit my Mom at the hospital.

So, after work today I’m off to the Cape. WHOOPIE. I’m tired of all of my trips to the Cape being for bad reasons lately. I want the fun to return. Everybody else goes there for vacation. Why can’t I?

Now for the fun stuff…here is a transcript of a post-Halloween conversation between a co-worker/friend of mine and two other co-workers (the names have been changed to protect the guilty):

Bubbles: If it’s not chocolate, it shouldn’t be called a candy.


Hetero Guy: I love Sugar Daddies.


Gay Guy: So do I!


Bubbles: You mean those caramel things?


Gay Guy: Sugar Daddies are a candy?



  1. Comment by Robert on November 3, 2005 11:25 am

    I’m hoping the best for your mom and dad Karl!! Good news will come, I’m sure of it.

  2. Comment by JC on November 3, 2005 12:07 pm

    Oh Karl, I hope everything is OK with your mom and dad. I’ll be thinking of you.

  3. Comment by Brad on November 3, 2005 2:39 pm

    I don’t get the joke. Signed, the Blond P.S. Thinking of you.

  4. Comment by Mark on November 3, 2005 4:22 pm

    Hey Karl. I hope things really do get better for you–I really do. I’m projecting good thoughts full of love, hugs, and guys in speedos your way!

  5. Comment by Will on November 3, 2005 6:58 pm

    Hi, Karl–keep your chin and hopes up. My very best to you and your family. If this Cape trip means we won’t be seeing you Sunday at the Boston Gay Bloggers dim sum, know that we’ll all be thinking of you.

  6. Comment by Sean on November 3, 2005 8:53 pm

    Karl- I know it’s worrisome to get phone calls like that, but at least you live close enough to drive and be there for your family when they need you (you’re a good son). We’ll be thinking of you this weekend.

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