Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

I may be jinxing things as it is only Saturday night…but since it was a holiday weekend that started a day early, today is like a Sunday, so it should be safe to write about it now.

Things started going well on Thursday night when I went on a date with Mike. This is the fellow I’d been emailing with since summer and instant messaging with for two weeks. To be honest, up until just a few days before, I didn’t realize it was actually going to be a date. I was originally thinking it was just going to be two guys getting together who had lots in common. If it led to dating, cool. But if I didn’t label it as a date, then there would be no hard feelings if it flopped.

It didn’t flop.

We met up in Fields Corner where he brought me to the Blarney Stone. There was an event taking place that night for DOT-OUT (or OUT-DOT…or OUT DAMN SPOT…something like that).

Anyway, we had dinner on the restaurant side with two of his friends, then went into the back/bar/club part of the place for the actual event. We left there with his best friend and headed to dbar. While checking out the scene there I was introduced to the rest of his clan of friends.

Afterward, we went back to his place (down the street) and watched a DVD (I forget the name…The Thin Man?)

On Friday we went to the North End for lunch, then to the Kendall to see the movie, Dorian Blues (quite cute). Instead of heading home, we went to Harvard Square to walk and shop. After picking up some Ben and Jerry’s, we headed back to my place so I could expose him to Strangers with Candy and Sordid Lives.

On Saturday, he (and his friends) invited me to join them for brunch. It was the same batch of friends I met two days earlier. I’m fascinated by the dyamics of his friendships (in a good way). Hanging out with them is like living a sitcom. The witty dialogue flies non-stop, they all live rather geographically close by, and they’ve made a ritual of going to the same brunch place each Saturday.

When I returned home from brunch my friend, Sven, called and said he was in the area. I invited him over. After a few hours of hilarious conversation, Rich also came over since he and I had plans for dinner and to attend a show being performed by two of our other friends.

I ended up cooking for Rich (pork roast, organic green beans, spinach salad and fresh bread from a local bakery). MMMMMM – and nobody was poisoned!

We then drove to Lexington to see the show. It was the 1929 Cole Porter musical that brought us “You Do Something To Me”. Very witty (as Cole Porter always is) and very entertaining. The venue was also gorgeous. It was your typical white wood New England church…except it was octagonal.

Now it’s shortly after midnight on Sunday morning and I’m exhausted. Since Thursday I’ve essentially had a 3 day date and visited/hung with four friends.

I wonder if Sunday will be as fun?


  1. Comment by Mike on November 13, 2005 12:32 pm

    despite all my attempts, it wasn’t a flop. the idea that you could survive a brunch with four people who’ve known each other for 15 years and who have their own twin-talk language… it must be your own wit and adorable smile that got you through. (“oh god,” he says.)

  2. Comment by Karl on November 13, 2005 3:22 pm


  3. Comment by karyn on November 14, 2005 12:59 pm

    Right. Your WIT.

  4. Comment by karyn on November 14, 2005 1:07 pm

    PS. It is nice to see the occasional link back to the title of your blog! I am impressed; spinach salads, roast pork and greenbeans plus fresh bread… nice job, snarling! Zagat’s will be knocking on your door any day now. 😉

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