Dream A Little Dream of Me

Before I explain last night’s dream, I should preface this blog posting by indicating that I am not a drug user. I’ve never done drugs…ever…not even pot. I’m a clean teen. But based on this dream, I suspect that somebody spiked my broccoli with some sort of hallucinogenic. Here goes (and don’t judge me):

I had apparently moved into Harbor Towers (a 40-story condo building designed by I.M. Pei right on Boston’s waterfront). I was straddling the window ledge (one leg out, one leg in) enjoying the vertical drop to the harbor below me (this building is literally ON the water). To my left I was yelling down to my father with general conversation. It was dusk and I was noticing that waiters that worked on a nearby pier were jumping into the water at the base of my building and swimming over to their restaurant because they were running late to work (apparently, wet uniforms were not a concern).

Anyway, on the first floor of the building there was apparently a department store that sold fur coats (only in my dream…in real life the first floor is a residential lobby and an office or two). I was soon down there and found a friend of mine (who shall remain nameless because he’d hate me if he found out it was him). Anyway, he kept showing up in new fur coats saying he’d bought them. I was wondering where all of his money was coming from that he could afford such “luxuries”.

Well, I soon discovered that he had borrowed my iPod and was using it to de-activate the alarms. Yes, you read it here first. Another useful purpose of your iPod is that with some tinkering, it can disable security alarms on products in department stores. Needless to say, I was rather upset at my friend for using the iPod for such reasons (especially MY iPod) so I ratted him out to the authorities.

The next thing you know (because dreams are so erratic), I was at my friends house. Actually, in my dream he was living in a trailer park (not even a double-wide). I was there with another mutual friend of ours and we were trying to console him. We felt that his behaviour was a reflection of a depressed mental state versus criminal intent. That didn’t console him. He started getting enraged and threatening to bash his head through walls, windows or mirrors. I found my self jumping on his back to prevent him from injuring himself…but then started fearing for my own life as his anger grew.

Fortunately, my alarm clock went off before he could kill me or my other friend. It would have been a shame if I was never able to return to my Harbor Towers condo.

In other news, last night was the finale of my latest addiction: The Biggest Loser. I’m such a big loser myself as I genuinely feel excited for the contestents who lost so much weight. The top three all lost between 41 and 47% of their body weight through exercise and diet alone (no surgeries). My only problem with the episode was the host (Caroline Rhea)…she had big drag queen hair and resembled The Lady Bunny. It was too distracting for me.

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