I Should Have Known Better

Remember a week or so ago when I blogged about how whenever I do fun things/have fun disaster subsequently strikes the people around me? After that posting, I received loads of emails and phone calls from people telling me I’m over-reacting. Well, here’s additional proof. As I blogged about yesterday and the day before, I […]

A Lesbian Tried to Kill Me Today

I always knew you couldn’t trust a lesbian (except to fix your car)* I was crossing Mass Ave in Cambridge this morning (between Harvard and Porter Squares…near Chang Sho) when I nearly lost my life. For once, though, I had the right of way…I was actually using a cross walk – something completely unheard of […]

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

I may be jinxing things as it is only Saturday night…but since it was a holiday weekend that started a day early, today is like a Sunday, so it should be safe to write about it now. Things started going well on Thursday night when I went on a date with Mike. This is the […]

I Love a Good Stereotype

Did anybody catch “Trading Spouses” on Fox last night? I’ve never watched the show, but I recall seeing ads for this episode over the past few days. I forgot all about it until I was flipping stations around 9:30 PM and caught this particular episode right in the middle. It seems the premise is that the […]

My Status as Over-Achiever

I am proud to admit that I am an over-achiever. I always have been. Though, the more I reflect on that, I realize that it’s because I don’t set very lofty goals for myself. My most recent pride-inducing accomplishment is that I shaved. It has been 9 or 10 days since I had shaved and my […]

Tuesday Ramblings

It’s Tuesday in Boston. There is stiff competition betwen incumbent Mayor Menino (seeking a fourth term) and Maura Hennigan. Both are liberal, both are pro gay-marriage, both have roots in Boston’s city council. So, we all know what this means: It means that Macy’s is having their big Election Day sale! So get out early […]


I never made it to the gay boston bloggers luncheon yesterday. I almost did. I swear! My father and I were ready to head out the door so I could catch the 10AM bus and arrive in Chinatown just 10 minutes late when one of my parents neighbors paid a visit. She brought along her […]

I Just Can’t Win

It’s now Saturday night and I’m still on the Cape. I arrived Thursday afternoon around 5:45PM. My friend, Karyn (Vexed in the City blog) picked me up at the Hyannis Intermodal Transportation Center (what a joke..it’s a bus/scenic train ride station). We went directly to Cape Cod Hospital to see my Mom. At first, I […]

Blah, Blah, Blah

I’m going to end this blog posting on a high note…I promise. But first, the crappy stuff: Once again, my Mom is in the hospital. You may recall she took a fall nearly two weeks ago and banged her head pretty bad. She didn’t go to the doctor for 3 days and when she did […]

Hey there, Buddy. Do you wanna’ ride?

So there I was walking from the train station to the office this morning (normally about a 10 minute walk) when a car stopped at an intersection honked its horn at me and asked that question (I may have the exact wording wrong). …So I jumped in. But don’t worry about me, poodles, the car […]