Celebration of Love?

I was reading the most recent issue of Bay Windows (one of Boston/New England’s gay newspapers) and did something I normally don’t do: I actually read the marriage/engagements section.

The photo showed a handsome couple of 18+ years dressed in tuxedos. The first two paragraphs of the article explained how one of the spouses was so nervous that he threw up during the rehearsal dinner and felt faint at the ceremony. His father said something to him right before the ceremony and he replied that he wasn’t going to be a “runaway bride”. The father’s response was something like this: Well, it’s never too late. If you’re feeling this way then you know something about it isn’t right. You an always back out of it.

How touching.

A few paragraphs later the article was reminiscing about how they met. Apparently, one guy couldn’t have cared less about the other guy. While one was talking about love at first site, the other guy was quoted as saying that his future husband wasn’t his type and how he felt nothing for him and that it took a long time to get interested.


HMMMMM – not exactly the glowing lovey-dovey shmaltz you normally read in the paper. Yet, not exactly a refreshing breathe of fresh air, either.

Well, at least they looked happy in the photo.


  1. Comment by Mark on December 5, 2005 11:22 am

    Heh, I’m surprised that they actually wrote that in the paper. It’s one thing to be honest, but it’s another to say that you were lukewarm to your spouse for the first few years of your relationship. I would find it belittling myself.

  2. Comment by chrispy on December 5, 2005 2:03 pm

    and a filthy dirty divorce will ensue. at least theres no kids.

  3. Comment by matt on December 6, 2005 3:14 am

    …the divorce will probably happen after they accesorize with children. (that was mean!) …I didn’t really write that!

  4. Comment by Will on December 6, 2005 9:40 am

    All this means, to me, is that we can be just as shallow and disrespectful of marriage as straight people. Nobody raises and eyebrow when they do it. Of course, they’ve had so much longer to practice, while we’re just beginning to get the hang of it. So to speak.

  5. Comment by Brad on December 6, 2005 3:34 pm

    I agree with Will, but the problem is . . . do we really need to know? Was there nothing else that was more important to write about that day? Oh well . . .

  6. Comment by karyn on December 13, 2005 3:44 pm

    Actually I think it’s funny… male:male, male:female, female:female – the dynamics are largely the same. You’d think coming from effed up families would be enough to get people united and to stop pointing fingers… Matt, you need a slap.

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