I Blame the Holiday

….for not blogging yesterday. I mean, how could expect me to blog on Patriot’s Day (one of those local holidays…like Evacuation Day or Bunker Hill Day).

Still, if thousands of folks can run 26.2 miles in the Boston Marathon that day, I should be able to provide a simple blog entry. Then again, apparently not.

I had a fabulous weekend. Mike met up with me at the office on Friday afternoon and we had lunch at Boca Grande (on the way there we saw John Malkovitch walking along the Mass Ave sidewalk). After lunch, we hung out on my roof deck with Mark (Veselka Slut) and Stefania). After work, I reserved my graduation gown (ugh) and then Mike and I walked down Mass Ave toward Central Square where we had dinner at some Irish place that looked like a castle inside.

We continued walking over the Mass Ave bridge and into the Back Bay (Newbury Street) and eventually the South End – where we picked up a video for the evening (Cruising, with Al Pacino). Since the Eagle was practically next door, Mike and I went in and played a few rounds of pool (we tied). We left around 9:30 and headed back to his place to watch the movie.

I warned him about the content of the movie (the graphic sex and bar scenes, etc…) but I suspect he didn’t believe me. But now he does. It is rather shocking that this mainstream movie would show so much hardcore gay sex…and that Al Pacino would be involved!

On Saturday, we went to brunch with his friend Justin and then I did a bit of shopping. That evening, we got together for dinner at Legal Seafoods (which, I must say, continusously underwhelms me…I just don’t get the hype). We then headed out to the Ramrod (I’m becoming a regular bar fly). But this time, we coordinated to meet up with my friend Marin and his boyfriend, Roger (Marin is the one who hosted the party the previous weekend). We also ran into another guy that Mike and I kind of knew courtesy of the internet. We all had a blast failing miserably at pool and making spectacles of ourselves.

Then came Sunday. Mike offered to have me join him and his family for Easter dinner…so I did. It was Mike, his mother, his father, his brother, and his brother’s girlfriend. Mike prepared the entire meal, thanks to the Julia Child cookbook (ham, beets, spinach, potatoes, carrots and an amazing blueberry/plum pie from scratch).

Finally, last night I got together with long-lost Jason (Ex Post Facto…but don’t bother reading his blog as he hasn’t updated it in nearly a month). We played Rummy and watched VH-1 Classic. Good times. We finished the game around 10:30PM with a score of 1,130 to 840 – my third consecutive win. Go figure.

I’m sure I’ll lose at Rummy this weekend when Mike joins my equally competitive parents and me for one of our favorite bizarre family bonding rituals. Wish him luck.

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  1. Comment by Will on April 18, 2006 11:55 am

    What a great weekend–I had the same kind–they are just the best: food, friends, loved ones.

    Pacino’s had a wonderful, daring, really varied career. Years I got a gig painting a backdrop for a movie (that I later found out was straight porn 🙂 ). I rented the paint frame at the Loeb Drama Center and Al was there rehearsing Shakespeare’s RICHARD III. It wasn’t going too well. He’d wander into the scenic shop on breaks to talk to those of us working on various projects. He’s a really short man but dynamic and a nice guy. He’d talk and vent and then go back and give it another try.

    By the time it got to New York he’d solved the way to speak the verse and he got good notices, which made me happy. No matter how discouraged he was, he never gave up and he kept at it until he’d made the language work for him and made himself work for the language.

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