Hello world!

Well, the migration is complete. Here’s the new format of the blog…and hopefully it will be much faster!

Comments/suggestions are welcome (although I’ll likely ignore your suggestions out of complete laziness).


  1. Comment by Dave in Chicago (2) on April 19, 2006 12:24 pm

    Well, um…..it’s really fast.

  2. Comment by karyn on April 19, 2006 12:48 pm

    Holy crap. Am I on the right webpage? It’s wicked fast and my comments are posting almost as fast as I click “submit”. I can’t tell for myself, since the vitriolic yellow page burned my retinas… my eyes, my eyes!

  3. Comment by Karl on April 19, 2006 12:49 pm

    So should I change the background? This one was most interesting…but it is rather bright, isn’t it (very much unlike my personality).

  4. Comment by jason on April 19, 2006 12:51 pm

    i’m with karyn. MY EYES! MY EYES! but it is alot faster.

  5. Comment by JC on April 19, 2006 1:16 pm

    Love the new digs! Especially the speed!

  6. Comment by J.P. on April 19, 2006 1:19 pm

    Wow! Your site is really, really fast. Then my screen exploded from the cacophony of color. No worries though, I put it back together.

  7. Comment by Lise on April 19, 2006 2:42 pm

    Yes, it certainly is fast … freaky fast even. But I loved the old template! (Can you tell I don’t like change?) The man is kind of cool but seriously it hurts to look at this. I’m so confused I don’t know where to look.

  8. Comment by Dave in Chicago (2) on April 19, 2006 5:41 pm

    I agree. Pain. (I was trying to be kind by inserting my passive-aggressive “um…”) Luv ya anyway, poodle.

  9. Comment by Mark on April 19, 2006 9:38 pm

    Wow, it’s just a blink tag away from being seizure inducing. I’m with everyone else in that it needs to be toned down to just loud. It’s great though to have instant Karlblog access. I’m used to timing out, even on the same Harvard network…

  10. Comment by Young-one on April 20, 2006 8:41 am

    Not humble, it’s snazzy!
    And it’s easier to add a comment!

  11. Comment by Brad on April 20, 2006 12:30 pm

    Is THIS the toned down version?

  12. Comment by Rob on April 21, 2006 10:41 am

    Super-fast is right. Hurry, for the new look/change. Have fun in Cape!

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  14. Comment by Ashton on May 5, 2006 7:18 am


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