(We’re On) The Road To Nowhere

My neighborhood (the North End), despite being the first settled neighborhood in Boston, is in a significant state of transition. Actually, it has been for the past 15+ years as the Big Dig project has submerged a 6 lane elevated highway that cut through the heart of the city. Over the past two years, the final […]

Life on the Ranch

So, with a summer trip to Europe just a few months away I need to be a bit more responsible with my money. So, after some long, hard talks, and desperately realizing the need for a little get-away, Mike and I have decided to go to Ptown for along weekend next Friday. We ruled out […]

Learning More About Me Than You’d Ever Care to Know

I’ve stolen (borrowed?) the following questionnaire from Karyn (Vexed in the City). Plus, it’s an easy way of blogging for the day! The Rules:1. You can only say YES or NO!2. You are NOT ALLOWED to explain ANYTHING unless someone comments to the entry & asks!Taken a picture naked? YesMade out with a member of […]

Who Knew I Was Such a Bad Influence?

I had a great, albeit it haphazard weekend. One minute I’m reading literature, the next I’m playing pool with an intoxicated psuedo-parapalegic. The rest is a blur. Friday night started off nice enough. I arrived at Mike’s an hour before the party and was sweating to death (it was oddly humid for April). I took […]

I Think I’m Offended

Actually, I KNOW I’m offended. I’m just not sure at who. Here’s a bit of background since I’m sure you’re dying to know: As many of you know, I’m a trustee for a trust that a friend of mine created upon her death. The beneficiary is a man in jail (who I’ve never met). At […]

I Blame Karyn

I was very social (electronically, at least) last night and ended up instant messaging with oodles of people. Most prominently, I spent 2 hours chatting with Mike (despite him repeatedly saying he only wanted to chat for 15 minutes so he could continue preparing for tomorrow’s party). I also chatted rather extensively with Karyn. In […]


I managed to get an A on the second paper in my Higher Education Management class. So far I have a B and an A. Veselka Slut has the same exact grades….pluse we’re assigned to the group project together so I suspect that we will end up with an identical grade come the end of the […]

Patience, My Dears

I spoke with the blog server person here at Harvard and he told me that I should be able to migrate to the new server later this week. In fact, I will be one of the first here to do so (mostly because of my own persistence and not because of any level of blog […]

At Least He Can Admit He Has a Problem

I got together with Mike and one of his best friends, Justin, on Saturday. They picked me up in the early afternoon and we headed down to Newbury Street for lunch. We settled on Sonsie (which I’d never been to, believe it or not). I had a yummy pie-shaped wedge of quiche the size of Nebraska […]