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Now, I must admit that I tend to agree with the political views of the Kennedy’s. For a man in his late 70’s, Ted is surprisingly open-minded with issues such as gay marriage (come to think of it, he’s into equality for everybody). However, despite his uber-liberal leanings, I have to say I’m disappointed in him being against the wind farm off Cape Cod (something that could help the environment and provide a substantial amount of electricity tot he region…two causes he’s normally a proponent of).

But then I thought about it and realized that this wind farm, though far off-shore, would still be in the waters off the Kennedy Compound and the ocean-front mansions of his friends. I can’t see any other reason he would be against it.

And then today we hear about Patrick Kennedy crashing his car under the influence of prescribed sleeping pills. People claimed to have seen him drinking prior to the accident. Yet for some reason, the police on the scene didn’t make him take a breathelizer test. Why is that?

Actually, whether he was drunk on alcohol or not, the fact was that he was driving under the influence of something (sleeping pills)…and under the influence is still under the influence – no matter what the substance.

OK – enough political ranting. I normally don’t do that…and this isn’t a political blog. So I’ll go back to my simple superficiality:

What’s up with the Will & Grace double-feature last night…one being a repeat that aired just weeks ago?



  1. Comment by chrispy on May 5, 2006 10:04 am

    Kennedy+Alcohol=Drama. Kennedy+Alcohol+Pills= PARTY! Kennedy + Wind Farm= Lower Property Values?

  2. Comment by Mark on May 5, 2006 10:07 am

    I’m glad that W & G is finally ending. I can’t figure out when it jumped the shark (I actually remember that episode of “Happy Days” when it originally aired, yikes!), but it’s been much more forced this season than the last. Of course, the NBC replacement shows like “Four Kings” and “Teachers” have been just awful, so I wonder if the Thursday lineup in general has jumped the shark, save “Earl” and the “Office”?

  3. Comment by karyn on May 5, 2006 4:37 pm

    Hm. Well – maybe he just declined to take the breathalyzer as is his constitutional prerogative. You do not have to take it upon request or direction; you can totally refuse. In fact it often helps you in court later if you decline. Don’t ask why.

    Many people are not pro- windfarm. I think it’s hideous. Stick the damn thing down the center of Route 6 ; that’s already fugly beyond belief.

    Or Rt.28 in Yarmouth where it’d be barely noticeable. Yecch.

    And W&G – no idea – but I do enjoy seeing Grace / Debra postpartum and vaguely swollen , with wardrobe , hair & makeup staff doing their damnedest to distract us from noticing it.

  4. Comment by Fred on May 5, 2006 6:01 pm

    Well, I’m very pro-windfarm/turbines – I think they’re rather beautiful, and, were I so blessed as to own a waterfront manse, preferably well away from the Kennedys, their partying, and the gawking tourists (though, I agree, I like having Ted as our Senator these days; just as a family of PEOPLE I wouldn’ want ’em as neighbors…nor the Bushes – worse – don’t get me wrong!), I’d WANT there to be a lot of pretty shiny-white/silver pinwheels spinning off the coast. I think they look cool, and the wind/the resource is THERE. I’m still just not quite sure when our society went from finding the prodcts of technology mainly beautiful as a sign of progress (think of all those dramatic 1920s views of factories and dam-turbine-rooms rendered basically like cathedrals), to the view that practically all human tecnhology and intervention (even when, as here, it’s a place where we’re trying to mainly CORRECT an environmental screwup/get ourselves a bit free-er of nonsustainable energy sources…) is bad/evil/ugly. Either view, simplistically, is stupid, to be sure, but I much preferred the aesthetics of the former view… Nowadays, i’m forever in mind of the bumpersticker which reads “Save the Planet: Kill Yourself” or the acronym which now pretty much replaces “NIMBY” in this country: “BANANA – Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything.”


  5. Comment by Veselka Slut on May 6, 2006 12:32 pm

    Karyn, I’m glad you’re not my lawyer. In everystate except for blessed Lousiana, there is a law that assumes you are drunk if you do not take the breathalyzer – the reason you would not want to take it, (outside of Louisiana, where there are different reasons) is that most states have enhanced penalties for being really drunk, (as opposed to just too drunk to drive) and the penalties are worse than an automatic 90 day suspension and the lesser drunk driving penalties.

    In Louisiana, don’t take it if you’re pretty sure the cop won’t show up in court.

    In Idaho, you can’t drive drunk, but you can drive stoned or high. (Or you could until recently, anyway).

    In all states, take it if you think you’ll pass.

    OMG, I know too much about this shit.

    Would someone please explain to me why the Kennedy’s don’t have a stable of chauffeurs? There’s no shame in getting loaded, but if you’re rich and have a history of this shit, buy the damn limo, it’s cheaper.

  6. Comment by Karl on May 6, 2006 1:20 pm

    Wow, Mark – you really do know your drunk-driving laws (nation-wide, no less)

    Good point about the chauffers…so far there have been drunk driving arrests/deaths (Ted, his ex-wife, his kid) and crashes while flying (John John).

    That family should not operate vehicles.

  7. Comment by Will on May 7, 2006 2:06 pm

    Patrick’s story is that he was using the sleeping pill Ambien. Whether he was or not has to be proven, but Ambien is the pill that is now documented to cause people to sleep-walk, eat ravenously while asleep, leaving messes everywhere–and remember none of it. What IS true is that he’s had problems with prescription drugs for years and had a leg amputated some while ago because of a medical condition.

    Wind turbines are all over Denmark, Austria and Germany. Other countries, I’m sure, have them. Out in the fields they can have a strange beauty. Anyway, Europe has a very long and honorable history of of generating power for work via the wind through windmills.

    What I think is beyond dispute is that we have to start generating power through processes free of fossil fuels. Whether it’s power plants fired by garbage (an endlessly renewable resource), wind turbines or photovoltaic cell arrays on our roofs, we have to do this or we’re truly in big trouble. Sooner or later, everybody can’t say “Not in my neighborhood” and expect the country to survive. When my new house starts going up next spring, there will be two posts carrying photovoltaic panels on the rise above the house and I will be off the grid completely. I sincerely believe this is our future. And yes, I’m disappointed in Teddy also over the wind farm business.

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