I’m Beat.

Literally…Mike beat me at cards yesterday – but more on that later.

I think I’m getting smart about how to spend my weekends. Lately, I’ve been staying in on Friday night and just resting. My Saturday’s tend to be busy so I think this day of rest is beneficial for me. Of course, I could always follow the traditional route and use Sunday as the day of rest so that I can rest AFTER I’ve been busy. But then again I’ve never been one for logic.

On Saturday, Mike and Fred picked me up to go the Tony’s pre-party (for the Boston Gay Men’s Chorus Annual Gala and Auction). We played some Ms. Pacman (Tony has an original machine in his photography studio), chatted with some strangers and then pigged out on Chinese food. Following the pre-party, we headed on to the Roxy Ballroom for the main event. The place was packed – you could barely view the items up for auction.

And the drink prices were absurd (Mike’s drink was $9.00). Good thing I’m not a drinker – I managed to get by unscathed aside from the $50 price of my ticket to get in. Anyway, Brini Maxwell was the entertainment and did a mix of cabaret (“she” appears to be fond of “I Am Woman”, by Helen Reddy) and MC’ing.

There was an interesetd (eclectic) mix of people….from drag queens (Verna Turbulance) to a man (Fred’s friend, actually) dressed in leather pants, a black boa, black angel wings and a black cowboy hat. I’m not sure what he was supposed to be…but it worked.

The photo Tony took of me (my “nude”) went for $150. But for most of the evening I couldn’t even walk by the table where it was displayed. Of course, Mike (the jerk) would ask every person he knew “Did you see Karl’s photo?”


After the auction/gala ended, Mike, Fred and I walked over to the Eagle to play some pool. Three (or was it four?) games later, Mike and I were starving (it was around midnight and the last thing we had was Chinese food around 4PM). We walked down to Emilio’s, snarfed down pizza and headed back to the Eagle….where I very nearly fell asleep. We soon hailed a cab and went back to my place and ate even more pizza while looking at photo albums (he wanted to….I swear!).

On Sunday, we went to breakfast with his mother then separated for a while. I headed off to the hospital to visit my sister-in-law, Heidi. She looked MUCH better despite a hellish week. She had her feeding tube surgically replaced on Friday. But despite the neon green armband declaring that she was allergic to latex (along with her charts stating the same AND the conversation she had with the surgeon before being knocked out) the surgeon still implanted a latex feeding tube. Within minute of coming through recovery, Heidi told the doctor her chest hurt and she coudln’t breathe. She looked down and noticed the tube was latex…the nurses RUSHED her back into the operating room where they¬†performed emergency surgery…not even an hour after the first one.

Consequently, she is in lots of pain and has built quite a bit of scar tissue. This could delay her release (which was originally planned for early this week). But she was in much better spirits and in less pain as a result of the disease this time around (now the pain was only associated with the botched surgery).

Later in the afternoon, I met up with Mike and my friend, Marin, to play Porcha (spelling?) Рa Spanish card game. Being the amazing host that he is, Marin prepared us a 4 course lunch. Amazing.

And that’s where Mike beat me with a score of 125 to 120 (poor Marin hovered around 45 points).

Now it’s Monday and it’s dawning on me that my classes end in exactly one week and I need to finalize two term papers and a group project.


  1. Comment by Lise on May 8, 2006 11:32 am

    It’s unbelievable the mistakes that get made sometimes in the the hospital – remember the slew of wrong limbs getting amputated? But for her to have to go through that after all this ….

    Since I wasn’t here on Friday – won’t rehash the wind turbine issues (and they’d be a blip on the horizon for the Cape Cod mansion owners) – I think they can look very cool & we clearly need to generate alternative energy sources – but the arguements about how they look…. well, could they look any worse than a country already criss-crossed w/ power lines?

    Will & Grace jumped the shark like, oh, 4 or 5 years ago people! Karl – remember, this week the finale’s of Earl & Office are 40 mins each, so they start at 8:40-10pm. Don’t miss a minute!

  2. Comment by karyn on May 8, 2006 3:34 pm

    That sucks for Heidi! Jesus! Buy her some post it notes. I used to write things on them and put them on myself for doctors to read. If nothing else it alerted them to the fact that I was marginally … shall we say… quirky. Or , since she is doubtless braver than I, she could write on herself w/ marker: I HAVE LATEX ALLERGIES, YOU CLUELESS SCHLUMP

    I stand by the argument re: how wind turbines look in Nantucket sound. Bad enough I have to watch the hairy european contingent in their ongoing Whose Bathing Suit Is The Smallest competition – do I have to look at turbines too? The whole point of visiting the beach is to appreciate the beauty of it; at least I thought it was… maybe that’s because I can’t swim or sunbathe. Anyway, we’re becoming rather urban (if not citified) and less quaint by the minute; the natural beauty is just about all that’s left.

    So anyway.

    Good that your photo went for what sounds like a fair amount! To whom? Is it weird thinking someone somewhere has a naked picture of you hanging on their wall? We knew it’d sell and fetch a nice price! Who could resist???

    Adventures In Gastronomy, yet you fluff off the details of your four course lunch! (Oh no – was it canned artichokes, frozen pizza, hot dogs and twinkies? No no no … wait… that’s just you…. *snert*)

  3. Comment by Karl on May 8, 2006 3:40 pm

    Karyn – (playing devil’s advocate here). I’m told that the turbines would be 6 miles from the shore and barely visible on a clear day (perhaps appearing an inch tall in the distant horizon). On cloudy/hazy days you couldn’t see them.

    Plus, they’d only be visible from less than 1/3 of the Cape (the south coasts of Falmouth, Mashpee and bits of Barnstable).

    Oh lunch:

    appetizers of mozzarella with sour cream and garnish
    toasted bread (quite flavorful…don’t know the type)
    zuchini and eggplant grilled and seasoned

    salad of spinach with hom made dressing

    an entree consisting of some serbian pie thing with chicken, ham, vegetable, and sauce

    dessert was home made cheescake on a homemade crust.

  4. Comment by karyn on May 8, 2006 7:18 pm

    No sale.

    That sounds effing AWESOME. Holy God; I am so hungry now having read that…

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