I think I can do it. A week from this evening, I will have taken my last class. Well, not for the rest of my life – but at least toward the program I’ve been studying (and will be graduating from in exactly one month). Going forward, I can take classes I actually enjoy….just for the fun of it.

Who am I kidding? Next Tuesday could very well be my last class.

But now that the semester is ending and I’ve substantially completed my final two papers and group project, I just can’t seem to stay focused on the actual courses. I know that, at this point, it’s impossible to fail so I can’t seem to justify putting in the effort anymore. I suppose this is what high school folks call senioritis. I wouldn’t have thought it would occur again 17 years later. So much for maturity.

Well, hopefully (knock on wood) Mike and I will be purchasing out plane tickets to Europe this evening. I found a fare (direct flight, no less) for only $738 round trip. Hopefully he can get out of work to meet those dates…otherwise, different dates boost the price up to $859 or more. I suppose I could fly there without him and meet him there a few days later…but I kinda’ like the idea of having somebody to fly with.

Speaking of flying…American Idol is on tonight and I can’t wait. I’m nearly as fascinated┬áby the actions of Paula Abdul as I am watching the singers (even Chris Daughtry). I swear Paula must be fyling high on something this season. Either that, or she’s “straight up” insane.


  1. Comment by JC on May 9, 2006 10:17 am

    Um, dude, Paula’s insane. And if she uses any more Botox, she’s gonna permanently have that goofy, toothy smile on her collagen-infused lips.

  2. Comment by Mark on May 9, 2006 10:47 am

    Ugh, I feel your pain. I’m only 5 pages into my final 20 page paper for my Nazi/Stalin class and I feel like I have a huge mental cramp. We’ll get through this, pumpkin!

  3. Comment by Will on May 9, 2006 11:05 am

    Karl, this is great news. You’re such a hard worker. Congratulations!

  4. Comment by Veselka Slut on May 9, 2006 11:17 am

    I suppose I should probably take a look at the case we’re supposed to be doing now.

  5. Comment by karyn on May 10, 2006 9:59 am

    Are you kidding; I break out in hives if I get NEAR a classroom anymore. Feh. School. Overrated. Feh again.

    As for AI. I think Paula is made to sit in the middle so she can listen to what Randy said and parrot it. Unless she doesn’t understand it in which case she has a handy guide book of “appropriate things to say” like “You’re a star”, “You’re true to yourself”, “You look amazing”, “I love to see you dance”, and “You had fun”. Seriously – she is nearly incoherent sometimes. I like her but sheesh. I am appalled to admit that I most often agree with Simon, except when he cracks on my Taylor. Feh.

    I am hoping to see the end of McPheever. I am soooo all set with the chipmunk cheeks frozen in permasmile, featuring those preternaturally blue-white teeth and 34 metric tons of lip gloss every week. And McPhee has a significant ass problem, as in it lags 3 feet behind her, but she continues to wear shit which drapes over it, compounding the problem. These things combined with her “I’m So Pleased With Myself” smug smile and her “I’ve Got It In The Bag” attitude make me want to kick her in the shin.

    ….where’s my coffee? Clearly I am going to need chemical assistance achieving my normal, sweet disposition. Ha!

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