What a week – and it’s only Wednesday.

First I had trouble sleeping at Mike’s Sunday night. It was rather warm in his place* so the body heat combined with some cold/allergy symptoms didn’t provide me with much sleep. Then Monday evening’s class was rather dull.

I’d hoped Tuesday would go better, but class night made me realize that Mark (Veselka Slut) and I have a lot of catching up to do to make our presentation better for next week. The first batch of students made their presentations – and they consisted of PowerPoint presentations and color handouts of reports. OH OH – 6 more days. Making matters worse, it seems Mark and I have completely different opinions as to how to solve the program we’re supposed to be addressing in our presentation.

Then, Mike (after months and months of procrastination) promised that we’d order our plan tickets for Paris and London last night (we’re planning to leave a month from now). I’m not sure what was going on there because we finally connected with each other around 9PM – but despite repeated efforts on my part to purchase plane tickets (before energy issues raise prices even more) the night ended with no plane tickets being bought and me more frustrated then ever.

Those cold/allergy smptoms just got worse as the night went along. I’ve never had allergies before but I’m beginning to think I’m developing them now at 35 years of age. Lucky me. I could barely sleep because my head was stuffy and my nose was running (so I laid on my back). Breathing through my mouth caused my lips/mouth to get dry and my throat to feel more sore.

And now it’s Wednesday and it’s still raining. The forecast shows rain/mist/drizzle straight through until next week. Metaphorically, this is making me incapable of seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.

*Mike has the only master bedroom I’ve ever seen that doesn’t have a window. There’s a single glass door leading to the back deck…but no place to install an air-conditioner.


  1. Comment by karyn on May 10, 2006 9:52 am

    Yeah. The airfare thing is depressing as all get-out. I had to put the kaibosh on travel plans because the cost of airfare doubled the entire trip cost. Stupid fuel! Greed is NOT good! Feh! Last year I got JetBlue tix for $79 each way. This year it’s $148 each way! Sheesh! Let’s everybody just not fly for a while and let them choke. That’s what I say. (But nobody listens to what I say.)

  2. Comment by JC on May 10, 2006 10:10 am

    Um…I updated my blog yesterday. Will that make you feel better?

  3. Comment by Lise on May 10, 2006 10:12 am

    Just be glad you’re not the Elephant Man, who couldn’t lay down normally to sleep because he’d cease to breath at all. And then, when he could bear life no longer, he did just that. Perspective, perspective…..

  4. Comment by Karl on May 10, 2006 1:06 pm

    Oh, I know all about perspective…especially with my sister-in-law’s health issues. Speaking of (adding to the stress/unhappines in my day) she’s still in the hospital, needs her gall bladder out but it too sick for the surgery to be safe. So, they’ve implanted a tube into her gall bladder to drain out some sludge (something like that). Ugh.

  5. Comment by Lise on May 10, 2006 2:07 pm

    My god, how many tubes is that? It’s like one of the worst diseases ever.

  6. Comment by Fred on May 10, 2006 3:08 pm

    Argh – hang in there! I used to have an apartment like Mike’s – the room that fit the bed had only a french door onto the balcony, the room that had a window was too narrow for the bed – completely ridiculous…you have my empathies!

    On the subject of airfare/noting what Karyn says, it’s only years of subsidized/cheap fuel that ever made air travel so affordable – if those days are ending, we may see air travel going back to being the comparitive luxury it was up until the mid-1970s – no airline can support itself on those low fares – they make it up on business and first class and other subsidizing functions; they’re also why airports/flight times/delays are so hellish nowadays – the fastest year for average air travel was something like 1971 or 72, and the delays & service have gotten worse ever since… Not sure anyone makes an actual profit on passenger-carrying – like the old joke – we lose money on every transaction, but make it up in volume…

    BUT, I do, certainly, hope y’all get your tickets sorted ASAP. What about taking Icelandic? I think they now fly to Gatwick, as usual, via Reykjavik – said to have great service, and are usually cheap, and you can stay over a weekend in Iceland, which is said to be a blast for just about that long…

    Good luck!

  7. Comment by Veselka Slut on May 10, 2006 6:15 pm

    Yeah, we have my way (aka the right way) and your way (aka the wrong way). What is there to think about?

    Actually, I kinda thought we were building up fake evidence for our fake case with all the back and forth? If it makes you feel any better I only have a thread of an outline done on my paper. . ., it’s a good think my good looks will carry me through.

    Anyhoo, no sympathies for those whose bedrooms have only french doors that lead to the terrace. Yuppie scum. Why don’t you just sleep nekkid?

  8. Comment by Fred on May 11, 2006 6:47 pm

    Ach! That’s guppie scum, at least, please!, and a.) it was a rental (with a rotting wood balcony that was scary, not a terrace…) that my then-partner and I could barely afford betwixt’ the two of us, and it was the second place we were then condo-converted out of for the benefit of former-suburbanite empty-nesters willing to shell out vast sums after we were evicted and the place was gutted…

    and, b.) Who says I don’t? It was still too bloodly airless/hot!

    Given where Mike’s place is in Dogfester, I’m assuming that sleeping naked with the doors wide open at night isn’t necessarily a notion one is going to feel terribly secure about…call me crazy…

    In any case – all best to ye both finishing up!

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