Often Times The Best Laid Plans…

Oh, the drama. Mike and I leave for Paris in two days. Throughout the planning process there were concerns whether he weould be attending Oxford this summer (because of some work issues on his end). For example, despite discussing this trip as far back as February, we never ordered plane tickets until a month before […]

How Much Longer?

This is the latest I’ve ever gone without turning on the air-conditioning. It’s been such a bizarre (wet and cold) spring that I’ve not needed it yet. And as my trip to Paris has become closer, I’ve set this silly goal in my head that I want to avoid using it until I return from […]

Thinking Ahead

Unlike last year when I went to Paris with just a (very over-stuffed) bookbag, I’m realizing that I will have to actually pack luggage this time around. This 2.5 week vacation is making me realize I will need to pack much more than I had initially expected. It’s odd, because I’m probably packing just about […]

Fair Weather Fag*

Following doctor’s orders, I took it easy this weekend. Mike came over Friday night and I brought him out to dinner to thank him for taking care of me while I was all pitiful and sick last week (who am I kidding…the last month). I took Mark (Veselka Slut’s) advice and brought him to Ivy, on […]

Do You Know Where You’re Going To?

I do, in fact. But first, here’s where I’ve been (in red, how inappropriate): create your own visited states map or check out these Google Hacks. YAY – so far I’ve covered 54% of the country…I guess that’s not bad considering the enormous size of this continent. Though, I must admit that aside from 2 […]

Arcanobacterium Haemolyticum

It’s official. That’s what I had. I returned to the doctor for a follow up yesterday and that is what the throat culture revealed. It’s apparently a type of sore throat that is accompanied by an all-over body rash that spares the face and genitals (fortunately). It’s often misdiagnosed as strep, though, since most people go […]

A Bizarre Series of Events

Since my last post I’ve pretty much been sticking around the apartment convalescing. The discomfort has morphed from a constant burning, prickling, stinging sensation with a very visible red rash/bumps to a pinkish color and an uncontrollable itch. I supposed that’s improvement, but the itchiness is almost more unpleasant.  Mike surprised me with a visit yesterday afternoon […]

My Worst Weekend….EVER

I woke up on Friday with a slight rash on my arms and the tops of my hands. It wasn’t itchy, but it accompanied a sore throat and got me to worrying. I went to the doctor (my 4th visit in one month) to find out what’s wrong. My doctor wasn’t available and the person […]

I Give Up

It’s official..I’m a walking, talking bacterial magnet. So yesterday I blogged that my throat was starting to hurt again (after a full month of bounching from sore throat to common cold, to allergies, to sinus congestion head aches and back to sore throat again). Then I woke up this morning, entered the bathroom to brush […]

20 All Over Again

I got together with an old friend last night and probably laughed more than I have in ages. Jen and I used to work together at Record Town in Copley Place while we were both in college (me at Wentworth, her at Berklee). As time went on, we both moved to different places (I tried […]