Always Planning

I was on the Cape last weekend living a life of debauchery in Provincetown. Now I’m heading back to the Cape again this weekend for a more wholesome time – visiting the parents. My friend, Peter, has offered to drive me down. The plan was originally to head down Saturday morning at 9AM.

He contacted me last night to confirm and stated that he was going to be picking me up at 7:30AM….so we can ARRIVE on the Cape at 9:00AM.

I repeat…7:30…on a Saturday morning. ugh.

Making matters worse, I’m supposed to get together with Mike tonight. I guess this is going to prevent us from staying up too late (I need my beauty sleep).

Last night was Big Brother 7: All Stars night. Of the two people nominated for eviction, I would have prefered that Diane get booted…but she survived. This will make for some less interesting TV since, well, she simply has no personality. She’s just a body on the show…nothing to contribute intellectually, nothing to contribute strategically. The closest she’s come to being interesting was when she bitched about having to win this competition because she considers herself a failure in the outside world. Honey? Instead of a game show, perhaps you should try college. Perhaps a job, even?

Just don’t chooose to be a Texas police officer.

Did you see that footage of that officer getting shot at point-blank near the Texas border? He pulled over a pick-up truck with two guys in it. After the guys exited the car, the officer found an open bottle of alcohol. Then the officer asked if the guy was armed and he said yes and dropped a knife onto the street. Then he asked for ID and the guy was an illegal alien from Mexico. Then the officer found drugs in his pocket. Finally, the driver pulled out a gun, pressed the barrel against the officer’s chest and shot him. The cop fell back on the ground and then the driver and his passenger repeatedly shot the officer over and over and over.

Miraculously the officer survived (and was interviewed on the CBS morning news). So let’s recap here: illegal drugs, drinking and driving, entering the country illegally, concealing a knife, attempting murder. That guy sounds like a catch.



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  1. Comment by J.P. on July 21, 2006 1:24 pm

    OMG I love weekends of debauchery! 🙂

    Enjoy the weekend on the Cape family style – hopefully the weather will cooperate!

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