Planning…What’s the Point?

It seems like all plans I make lately never come to fruition. First the trip to Europe changed drastically the day before we went (ultimately costing me over $750 more than I intended to spend). Then the inn I was supposed to stay in during my visit to Provincetown last week screwed up my reservation at the last minute and I had to find another place to stay.

Then this past weekend I was supposed to go to the cape to visit family – returning on Sunday afternoon.

What actually happened was that I hung out with Mike on Friday night and had a lovely time watching DVD’s/TV while the thunder and lightning put on an impressive┬ádisplay outside the window. My friend Peter then picked me up at 7:30AM on Saturday(a change from the 9:00AM I had originally thought). We got to the Cape in good time and saw my mother outside walking the dog.

The minute Peter and I got out of the car, my mother said that I’d have to leave the same day (instead of sleeping over until Sunday, as planned.) Apparently, my brother emailed my parents the night befoer and my sister-in-law, Heidi, was going into the hospital for surgery and he wanted to know if my parents could babysit for him. This meant they had to drive out to my brother’s place in western Massachusetts, pick up his two kids, drive them back to the Cape, and then babysit them for a few days.

If she read the email the day before, why she didn’t then call me Saturday night and tell me not to come is beyond me. Fortunately, my friend, Peter, was only planning to be on the Cape visiting his family for the day so he offered to drive me home that afternoon.

On the plus side, my parents did take me to the flooring store to see the sample of the hardwood floors they’re planning on getting (it’s my 40th wedding anniversary gift to them). I was going to put down the deposit, but since the installation isn’t going to take place until August or September, I was told to just wait.

Later in the day, Peter returned to pick me up…but first we played poker for a few hours.

I lost $8.

So now that I had my Saturday evening back, I ended up getting together with Mike.

Sunday was a lazy, hazy day for me consisting of grocery shopping and napping. Now I’m back to work and there’s a good chance that my brother will be staying over at my place tonight since Heidi will be in intensive care and he doesn’t think he’ll be allowed to spend the night at ths hospital.

Monday, Monday, can’t trust that day.

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  1. Comment by karyn on July 24, 2006 1:13 pm

    Maybe R & L didn’t want to warn you because they were afraid you wouldn’t come at all – and maybe they wanted to see you, since you blew them off soundly the weekend before?

    That sucks about Heidi, what a never ending shitstorm that situation is.

    Tell P. hello for me – I think about him a lot and I am amazed at the strength he possesses…

    Hang in there – it’ll be Tuesday soon (which is good b/c we can watch Hugh Lorrie in reruns at night) and then it’s WEDNESDAY which means Project Runway! Have I MENTIONED how much I love Project Runway??? And Tim Gunn??? The whole thing. Love love love!

    So anyway – Monday will be over soon, and hopefully you will leave these most recent disruptions behind. I’m going to find the tissues – I’m having such a cry over your botched trip to Europe … ; ) Teasing lovey, teasing…

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