Monday Moments

My sister-in-law had her surgery yesterday. The whole point was to have her gall bladder removed because she’s been suffering extreme pain in that area. Well, she went under the knife and the surgeon discovered that her gall bladder was 100% healthy. They removed it anyway and she is now recuperating. Unfortunately, there were no rooms available so she’s still in the post-surgical unit (a day later) waiting for space. Even more distressing is that this doesn’t look like it will resolve her pain issues since the gall bladder wasn’t the source.

Ugh – nothing comes easy for her.

Because she didn’t have a private room, my brother was unable to spend the night with her so he crashed at my place. I ended up cooking us dinner (ME! COOKING!) and then we went to Bova’s Bakery for dessert around 9PM. As always, my country-bumpkin brother was very nervous walking the few blocks to get there – despite the dozens of elderly Italians sitting on lawn chairs on the sidewalk staying cool and chatting. You know how dangerous THEY can be!

Despite my constantly reminding him that the North End is probably the safest neighborhood in the city, he wanted to rush back to my place (in his defense, he was also dying to dig into his chocolate mouse and whoopie pie).

OH! While waiting for him to arrive in the early evening, I went on-line to do some real estate searches (as I always do – hoping to find that affordable condo). I stumbled upon a posting for my old condo in Boston! The owner is selling it on and is asking $589,000.00! Did I mention this was just a one bedroom condo? Granted, it was quite nice (1,195 square feet, central air, two full baths, granite counters, floor-to-ceiling windows, partial view of Boston Harbor)…but that price? Especially while the market is stablizing!

Even scarier – she’s selling without a broker. If you add the 5% commission if she used a broker, that means the property would be selling for $618,450!




  1. Comment by karyn on July 25, 2006 3:21 pm

    Don’t call your brother a bumpkin. He wanted his whoopie pie, goddammit.

    Plus, people who are not used to the concrete jungle can find the “in-your-face” of it somewhat unnerving and I do not think anyone could blame the man for being easily rattled after enduring what he has this past year.

    Give a guy a break!

    Yeah, the real estate market – don’t get me started. People are pigs.

  2. Comment by Fred on July 25, 2006 5:35 pm

    Yikes – all best wishes to your brother and sister in law – this ghastliness is endless; I know I’d want to curl up in the fetal position around my whoopie pie after 1/10th what they’ve been through…

    As to piggy-real-estate-woman: she’s gonna get hers: NOBODY in their right mind is gonna pay that, and she’s probably on “I Sold My” because any respectable broker woulda told her she was a greedy, stupid loon! The market is softening rapidly, and unrealistic people like that only speed it along as their properties fester, unsold, on the market month after month after month…. That’s a goodly amount of square footage, but a one-bedroom is a one-bedroom…

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