My Weekend at “Camp”

I was supposed to get together with Mike on Friday night, but he was too tired. Instead I ended up watching the massive storms roll through before calling it a night.

Saturday was oppressively miserable. I did manage to go to the hospital and visit my sister-in-law for a while in the afternoon. She’s doing much better and is expected to be released early this week. However, she’s then scheduled for a few weeks at Spaulding Rehab to build-up muscle strength again (enough to go from the wheelchair to the bed or the toilet).

After the hospital, I met up with a friend who works at the Custom House. He gave me a tour of the property – not only of the semi-private observation deck (which offers amazing views) but also to a few of the rooms in the building that only members get to see. Great stuff.

We then grabbed lunch and walked along the waterfront (trying to stay cool….which was useless).

That night, Mike and I got together and, for the first time since May, I went to his place to hang out. I shall state now that it will be the last I time I visit until at least October. Climbing up that mountain he lives on in this heat/humidity…even at 8PM…was too horrible. I arrived at his place and had to sit on the floor in front of the AC and fan for about 20 minutes before I could join him on the sofa without saturating the fabric.

We ordered pizza and watched two campy movies. Things started with Mommie Dearest – a movie that I found horribly sad the first time I saw it a decade ago. I can appreciate the camp factor now, but I still find the movie sad. Imagine my relief when Mike said the same thing (perhaps we BOTH just don’t understand camp?)

The second movie was the original Poseidon Adventure….ah Shelley Winters. Love her.

On Sunday morning I went to breakfast with Mike and his mother, then went to the market for groceries. I visited my sister-in-law again in the afternoon and was joined by my brother and my niece and nephew. It was a good visit and I even brought my camera. Heidi wasn’t too keen on being photographed in her hospital bed (understandably) so here’s a shot of my brother, nephew and niece (Paul, Nick and Katie, respectively). With the wonders of computers you can crop the photos so much that you can barely tell it was taken in a dismal hospital room.

Nick Katie Paul 060730 NEMC.jpg

I then took the scenic route home and walked through Chinatown, the Greenway, the waterfront and the North End…and took more photos!

Obviously, this first photo is of Chinatown

060730 Boston Chinatown 01.jpg

This frightening little display was in a shop window on Salem Street in my neighborhood. If you loved me, you’d buy it for me.

060730 Boston Salem Street shop.jpg 

This is just a typical residential building off my street. The Italian flag was blowing in the seabreeze so you can’t really tell what it is.

060730 Boston Salem Street home.jpg 




  1. Comment by Brad on July 31, 2006 12:43 pm

    You know, that little guy surrounded by the red glasses . . . he looks just like you! Have you been selling your face and body to the puppet industry?

  2. Comment by Brad on July 31, 2006 12:43 pm

    . . . but seriously . . . I LOVE the family trio . . . is your nephew a young Karl?

  3. Comment by karyn on July 31, 2006 12:44 pm

    Nice photo of the kids. Holy CRAP Nick looks like you and Katie is lovely. How can you say Paul doesn’t resemble Your Mom? Jesus!

    Nice pics of the neighborhood too. Why don’t you ever invite me up?


  4. Comment by Robert on July 31, 2006 5:17 pm

    Great photos Karl, especially the one with your brother and his kids. I hope Heidi feels better soon enough. Blessings to everyone!! Happy Monday sweetie.

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