Mediate, Alleviate, Don’t Suffocate on Your Own Hate

I took my first Meditation class last night. I know, I know…meditate and mediate are completely different words. But it still got me humming the old INXS song..hence today’s title. Anyway, I really needed the meditation after the hellish afternoon I had. As I blogged about earlier, I’m heading to Provincetown this weekend. I made […]

Even the Worst Case Scenario Ain’t So Bad…

…if you compare it to any other state in the union. Despite being legal in Massachusetts for the past 2+ years, gay marriage is up for debate yet again. Today’s constitutional convention will determine whether this amendment moves forward to next year’s convention and then ultimately, in 2008, to the ballot. Because this amendment proposal […]

Pueblo de P

It’s official. I’m heading to Provincetown this weekend. There were enough places available (as of late last night) on the last-minute availability lodging website for Ptown and it looks like it will be a sunny weekend (albeit extremely hot). Who could ask for anything more? I’m going to make room and car reservations today and […]

Lazy, Hazy Days of Summer

I feel like I did nothing all weekend when, in fact, I actually did quite a few things – some fairly substantial. On Friday night, Mike and I got together after work and saw the Strangers with Candy movie (I love Amy Sedaris…though Mike loves Onyx Blackman). It was funny but it re-hashed more lines from […]

A Few Good Things About Summer

Most of you already know that I detest summer. I hate heat. I hate humidity. I hate flip-flops (mostly out of jealousy because I can’t wear them since I find them uncomfortable). But there are a handful of good things I associate with summer: 1 – Provincetown. I like to make a few pilgrimages every […]

Reality Sets In

Can I go back to Paris now? Actually, things have gone well since I returned. I arrived home Monday afternoon and settled in nicely. I stayed up as late as I could (that would be 9:30PM) and then slept for nearly 12 hours. Unlike the last time I went to Europe, I’m not suffering from […]

London, Parts 1 & 2

  On the morning we left Paris for London, Mike and I used a taxi to get to the train station from Mark’s home. Mike managed to accumulate more than he could handle (in books and clothes) so I had to carry some of it. Somehow, since my luggage was on wheels, I managed to get […]