I Should Have Known That I’d Need to Retract What I Said

Oh, Britney…

Poor, poor Britney. You had me rallying behind you. I even blogged about you for the first time. And then you go and say something stupid.

I wrote a few days ago about how the media was (rightfully) mocking Britney Spears for her poor performance the other night. Criticisms I could agree with included poor lip synching, poor choreography, poor wardrobe choice, and apparent lethargy (or worse, an apparent intentional lack of effort).

What I couldn’t agree with was people calling you fat or having a paunch.

Yet after viewing the footage of yourself, what was your comment? You didn’t acknowledge that your performing skills sucked ass. Oh no, according to US Weekly your complaint was that you looked like a big fat pig.


You’re such an inspiration to the teenage girls of our country. NO NO NO – don’t accept how you (or your friends/loved ones) look! Perpetuate the size zero fantasy that is unattainable. Make average sized girls (who are most likely larger than you in that footage) feel even worse about themselves.

Honey, do you REALLY think your weight was the big issue at the awards show? Honestly? I mean, did you not watch the actual performance? Can you not see where your major weaknesses lie? Yeah, you may have a weakness for Ding Dong’s and Yodel’s, but there are bigger issues you need to address, sweetie.

OK – from now on this will be a Britney-free zone. I promise.


  1. Comment by Mark on September 14, 2007 10:19 am

    OK – from now on this weill be a Britney-free zone. I promise.

    I’ll believe it when I don’t see it. 😉

  2. Comment by Dave in Chicago (2) on September 14, 2007 11:40 am

    Since we’re all being snarky….let me suggest the following. Type your daily blog in a Word doc, run spell check, cut-n-paste into the blog. Voila. No typos or missing words. ;-p

  3. Comment by J.P. on September 14, 2007 9:05 pm

    Quite frankly, I wish planet Earth was a Britney-free zone, though a Paris H-free zone would be better.

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