Absolutely Fabulous

Those words easily describe my weekend. Not just because together those words are so gay, but because I was in Provincetown: the gayest place on the east coast.

Randy and I headed down Friday afternoon and met up with our friends, Scott and Deano, once we got there. We all coordinated so that we were staying at the same guest house. I’d narrowed the choices down to two: one place that I’d stayed in previously which was literally on the water (waves crashed against the concrete foundation and a private deck overlooking the harbor), or another guest house a block from the water but with a hot tub. Randy picked the place with the hot tub since it at least provided an extra activity for us to enjoy.

Good choice.

Our room was small, but decent (with loads of glass collectibles just waiting to be knocked over). Scott and Deano’s room was a huge octagonal suite with fireplace and a connected kitchen and sitting room (the latter being used for a few games of Scrabble…in which I won and lost).

That first night we took it easy – walking along Commercial Street and sitting in the hot tub. At first it was just the four of us, but then three other guests showed up. Inerestingly enough, two of those guests were at the same guest house as us when we were in Ptown back in July. Small world. Later that evening we all headed to one of the clubs before calling it a night (but not before grabbing pizza at Spiritus, of course).

The weather was flawless the entire weekend so on Saturday we continued walking/exploring the shops and also walked along the breakwater as high tide approached. Along the way we also ran into two more friends, Kit and Lisa (and their baby, Lincoln) who were renting a house in the West End. After that, we got together with even more friends who were down this weekend (Fred, Matt, Mike) and had lunch at Burger Queen: a place I’d walked by for decades but never ate at. It wasn’t bad, actually.

After lunch, Randy and I headed to Herring Cove Beach and laid out for an hour or two. Relaxed and refreshed, we reconnected with our friends for dinner at Bayside Betsy’s before hopping into the hot tub again (this time just the four of us), playing Scrabble, then heading out to one of the clubs.

The perfect weather continued through Sunday. Unfortunately, Deano had to return home mid-day so after walking around all morning, he headed home and Scott, Randy and I headed to the Pilgrim Monument where Randy and I climbed to the top and took some photos. Then we all got together with Fred and Matt and went on a bike ride along the bike paths through the sand dunes of the Cape Cod National Seashore…simply beautiful!

That evening we had dinner at a new restaurant, Jimmy’s Hideaway (good food….loud atmosphere), played some more Scrabble, did some more hot tub time and then gave up on the idea of going to one of the clubs since we were all so exhausted.

Before you know it, Monday reared it’s ugly head and we all returned home (well, I went straight to work). Looking back, it was an incredible weekend full of everything you’d want: reconnecting with friends, beautiful weather, decent eye candy (hehe), relaxing hot tubs, lovely walks, scenic bike rides, and friendly (yet still competitive) game playing.

Check out my photo gallery link (to the right) if you want to see a few photos taken by Scott and Randy. I hope to post more once I get them from Randy’s camera. Anyway, the photos are in the Provincetown album…but at the end so you’ll have to scroll a few pages to get to them.

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