Oh, Just Shoot Me

Too late. I’ve already been shot: I got my annual flu shot at work yesterday. Technically, I wasn’t supposed to get it until next month because Harvard set aside October for only high-risk people (elderly, pregnant, or people with compromised immune systems). Despite feeling old (and acting MUCH older than my 36 years), I technically didn’t qualify for any of those things.

But I’ll be in Buenos Aires when they start giving them to “healthy” folks so I wouldn’t be able to get my shot until Thanksgiving..or later. Besides, I didn’t want to spend 16.5 hours on a plane…each way…without being immunized from something that could potentially ruin my trip. Airplane cabins are breeding grounds for viruses!

So, my arm hurts, but I should be healthy (knock on wood) when we fly away in 2.5 weeks.

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