Playing Gaymes

Has anybody seen the new ad campaign for the fragrance designed by Tom Ford (you know, the hot former-Gucci guy with the perfect stubble and hairy chest)? It’s prettery provocative!

It shows a nude female’s mid section…completely shaved and glistening with oil….with a bottle of the perfume squeezed between her thighs (covering up her hoo-ha). I have to say – it’s hot. I mean, it’s incredibly sensual, incredibly erotic. Very well done! If an ad campaign like this can grab the attention of a gay man, then they must be doing something right!

Anyway, that’s not what I’m blogging about today. Today is all about Scrabble. I got together with Deano again last night for pizza and Scrabble. After my winning all of our previous matches, he was up for two games last night.

I managed to win both games – but the margin between our scores has decreased each game and it’s only a matter of time before he ends up victorious. However, there was a wee complication with last night’s game that I want to discuss here (comments welcome…hell, they’re encouraged).

Here’s the scenario: We finished the first game before the pizza arrived so we decided to start the second game and then take a break once the pizza arrived.

After a few rounds in the second game it was my turn. I was playing around with my letters and putting them on the board while I thought it through. My first attempt was “l-a-t-e”. Then I discovered I could do “d-a-t-e-d”. Within seconds I layed my tiles out to spell “d-i-l-a-t-e-d”. At that point the door bell rang because the pizza had arrived. I went to the door, paid the woman, returned to the table and noticed that I could actually spell “a-d-u-l-a-t-e-d” using ALL of my letters.

However, Deano said that it was too late…and that I had settled with “dilated” (which is just where I left off when getting the pizza). What’s your take on this? In the end, he agreed to let me use “adulated.” And part way through the game I offered to give up the 50-point bonus for using all of my letters but he said to keep it. Apparently, that 50-point bonus made all the difference because we were only separated by 21 points in the final score.

Still, we had fun and plan on doing it again – hopefully next week (this could become a regular Tuesday thing at this rate).

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