A Good Transition

I got together with some friends in Southie for dinner last night. They prepared these delicious turkey cutlets in a lemon/wine sauce with veggies and potatoes. YUM. I got home a little after 10PM and basically zonked out for the night.

Randy is still on his business trip. He is scheduled to return this afternoon (though previous return flights from Dallas have caused him to be hours late so I won’t hold my breathe that his arrival will be on-time). He’s also got a few more trips planned for the next few months. Aside from our trip to Buenos Aires in two weeks, he’ll be going to Idaho or Montana between now and then, and then he’ll go to Virginia the week of Thanksgiving (mix of family and business) and then Japan a week later. He offered to have me come along again (how sweet), but since last January I’ll have taken nearly 6 weeks of vacation time already this year and I just don’t want to push it with my boss.

Anyway, he may also have a trip to California by the end of the year, too.

The more I think about it, there are some great benefits to this travel schedule. For one thing, all of his flying has helped him reach “Executive Platinum” status with American Airlines again. This means he gets double miles when he travels (so with a 12,500 mile trip he’ll actually earn 25,000 miles…which is a free domestic ticket). It also means that he gets automatic first class upgrades on domestic travel (when available) plus a certain number of international upgrades.

But more selfishly, I think this has helped me acclimate to living with somebody again. For three years I’ve lived on my own and have grown accustomed to have my own space. If I moved in and he was around 24/7, I think the transition would have taken more adjusting. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled to be living with him. And I’m positive we could have handled living together 24/7 from day one. But this transitional period of living together while he’s been doing a bit of travel has probably helped ease both of us into cohabitation a bit more swiftly!

HMM – I wonder if he planned these frequent/longer trips for that reason?

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