The Price of Gas

I’ve had a problem this week. I recently changed cereals from my beloved Smart Start to Kashi Go Lean Fart. I really do enjoy the stuff…it reminds me of an adult version of Sugar Smacks. There’s a similar taste and consistency, except it’s slightly less sweet and there are no fun cartoon characters on the box.

However, this new cereal has substantially more fiber than my old Smart Start and I think it’s beginning to kick in.

In a bad way.

Lord, my belly feels like a balloon about to pop all day, every day. I guess it’s the sacrifice I have to make for good health.

And speaking of good health, Randy returned from his trip to San Antonio last night and tried to get me to join him at the gym (he has a one day visitor pass). I declined last night’s visit (after about 20 minutes of arguing) but I agreed I’d give it a shot this weekend.

Yes, yours truly will be visiting a gym. Trust me, it shocks me more than it shocks you. Hell, it scares me, too. Especially now that I’m reading about this MRSI (the deadly staph infection) that is being found in hospitals and gyms. Knowing my luck I’ll start getting healthy physically, then get a fatal staph infection as a result.

Again, the sacrifices we make to stay healthy.

Finally, in honor of the Red Sox doing something right last night, my photo today is of me as a child…in a Red Sox uniform. It definitely wasn’t mine, that’s for sure. And my mother must have been drunk when she took the photo because I don’t think it could possibly be any more blurry. Maybe she was getting too much fiber, too?


  1. Comment by randy on October 19, 2007 10:34 am

    What the red sox won? Honestly I havent even looked. And didnt you really want them to lose so they would be done with this mess?
    he he

  2. Comment by Brad on October 19, 2007 3:15 pm

    First of all, as Julie Child said, “Food is not medicine.” If the Kashi doesn’t make you feel well, then it’s probably not doing as much for you as you think. Plus, is it really worth going through life feeling bloated? It seems like one of those “not worth living” kinds of deals — one is healthy, but miserable all the time. Nuf preaching. You could blow me over with a feather that you’re going to try the gym … and don’t worry about the staph stuff. Being a regular gym rat, I’ve not gotten the infection and hopefully won’t get it on further visits. In any case, being healthy should never feel like you’re having to sacrifice the joys of life. If so, then why be healthy? 🙂 Man! I AM preachy today. 🙂

  3. Comment by Fred on October 19, 2007 3:21 pm

    HI Karl – I second Brad on not worrying too much about the staph thing – to some extent, though they ARE spreading, things like this always been around as one of life’s hazards. You’re a clean sort of guy – just make sure the equipment is wiped-down (and wipe it down yourself after, standard courtesy), shower after, wash your gym stuff in hottish water, and avoid other people’s sweaty stuff. Some of the biggest horror shows I’ve read about these things concern teenage boys who are athletes, and, if my memory of boarding school (etc.) serves correctly, this is NOT the cleanest, neatest, or most fastidious segment of the population (you know, this is the demographic who believe that if you leave the pile of laundry under the bed long enough it’s ‘clean again’….). Otherwise, the worst and scariest of these things are mainly found in hospitals and the elderly – the community-acquired forms tend to be less-galloping; but certainly DO pay particular attention to anything that looks like an angry zit or whatever and keep cuts and such clean and covered. You’ll be fine – the health benefits of the gym far outweigh the risks (make sure the gym is clean/well-maintained, too, of course!) – and, hey, the other thing is…the visuals/atmosphere can be quite amusing and diverting….

    Good luck on the Colon-Blow…yuck!

  4. Comment by jeff on October 19, 2007 5:49 pm

    I almost went back to the gym after a 5 year hiatus. I even met a super perky trainer at a local gym who almost got me started again. Then I heard that this nasty fungus thingy is back. And just for the record, if you leave dirty clothes under the bed, they do get “clean” again, but it doesn’t happen overnight.

  5. Comment by Will on October 19, 2007 11:31 pm

    I tried one of those Kashi cereals once. Once. The stuff tasted like eating what we used ot call beaverboard (OK, Will, why don’t you just admit to having been born in the 19th century)–dry (even in milk), tasteless and uninteresting. For me, back to GrapeNuts.

    We’re getting a new Planet Fitness up here and it will cost $15 a month. I’m very tempted.

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