A Milestone

Okay, maybe it’s more of an inchstone…but Randy and I went to city hall yesterday and registered for domestic partnerships. We both entered into this “contract” with reservations, I must admit. But for very different reasons.

You see, Randy is only entering into it for my dental benefits at work. In fact, he tried figuring out every angle possible to avoid registering: why does Harvard require it be done at city hall, can’t we try enrolling for benefits without it, he even did detailed calculations to figure out how much…in dollar amounts…he’d save by joining my plan versus using his. In the end, he realized he’d save a lot (especially knowing that he has substantial dental work to be done next year).

The thing is, I don’t mind enrolling him in my benefits plans and I don’t mind registering as domestic partners. I just kind of wish he wasn’t so reluctant to do so. I mean, when the clerk at city hall had us hold up our right hands and swear (not on a bible, fortunately) that all of the information on the application was true, he started freaking out. Seriously! First was the look of shock and fear in his eyes, then came uncontrollable giggles.

And to be honest, if he didn’t want to sign up for my benefits, I would never have suggested registering as domestic partners, either. I was absolutely in no rush to do so. I will admit, someday (years down the road) I probably would want marriage – but not for the “contract” or “romance” or “ceremony”…I’d do it only for the benefits (mostly tax, inheritance, etc…). Well, and maybe to piss off the religious right.

I suppose it doesn’t matter anyway since Randy (being a child of divorce) isn’t a fan of marriage at all – even if only for the benefits it can bestow.

Oh well, just because we entered into our domestic partnership for all the wrong reasons and against our better judgment, it doesn’t mean we’re not accepting gifts. We’ve registered at Tiffany’s – so fork it over.

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  1. Comment by Randy on October 26, 2007 12:47 pm

    Just because the whole Domestic partner paperwork is in place doesn’t change things. I can love someone and commit to someone just the same with or without the paperwork, it doesn’t mean I will be any more loving or faithful or otherwise (not that I am planning anything here just saying). Thats something that comes from within. I don’t really want to get married. Its a straight, religious thing and let them have in my opinion. I would consider a Civil Union (same rights, just new name). I’m special dammit and I want to be recognized as special. Why go with the crowd; I rarely have done (or wanted to do) that anyway.

    And with all that being said now, I want gifts. Donations accepted 🙂

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