An Appropriate Show for the Season

I got together with a bunch of friends last night to see Sweeney Todd at the Colonial Theatre (the stage version – not an advanced screening of the Tim Burton film with Johnny Depp). The theatre was only filled to half capacity. Well, the balcony and mezzanine were (being so high up I couldn’t see but the first few rows of the orchestra level).

The show was fun…and from a distance, the lead character seemed rather hot.

I was disappointed in the lack of gore, though. I’d always heard this show was about a barber who kills customers and then sells pies baked with thier body parts (who comes up with this stuff?). Alas, by the intermission, only one person had been killed…and it wasn’t bloody at all! It was more ‘symbolic’ – the stage lighting would go red and an uncomfortable squealing noise appeared for 10+ seconds.

But one murder? Where’s the excitement in that? The second act made up for it in spades, though, with nearly every character but two ending up dead.

All in all, I guess I enjoyed it. But, being a product of my generation, I think I’ll enjoy the movie more. I can just imagine how creative Tim Burton will get.

Anyway, that was last night…and today is Halloween (my least favorite holiday). Being gay, it’s supposed to be my favorite. It’s not. It scares me. I don’t like strangers knocking on my door (hell, I don’t even like friends knocking on my door unless I know they’re coming), I don’t like people playing tricks outside in the dark, I don’t like drunk people, and I specifically don’t like drunk college kids (an unavoidable thing in the Boston area).

I’ll be happy when November first arrives.


  1. Comment by J.P. on October 31, 2007 12:15 pm

    I’m with you, I’m not a fan of Halloween either. If I want to dress up and live on the dark side, I’ll go to leather night.

  2. Comment by snarl on October 31, 2007 3:08 pm

    Yep – that’s more my speed, JP!

  3. Comment by Randy on October 31, 2007 5:55 pm

    Pretty sad my boyfriend hates halloween. It was so much fun as a kid to dress up and ask for candy. Of course I was a good boy and didnt even egg the house down the street that every year gave us some religious bible hand out with some crappy candy corn thrown in a little paper bag, or even worse an apple or toothbrush. Of course this doesnt happen these days, worry about razor blades and all. No loose candy for sure. But seriously, Karl has been so worked up about someone coming up and ringing the door bell. He swears when I run off to my friends for dinner tonight hes going to the bedroom and locking the doors and turning off the lights in hope that no one stops by. I wonder if he would have had that welcome so much as a kid if he would even had enjoyed it like he seems to be doing in the picture above? Why is it such a big deal? I dont know. Maybe he should dress in his leather or lycra and open the door to taunt the kids anyway!

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