One Week and the Magic is Gone

The honeymoon is over. I can tell. Just one week after moving in with Randy and I can sense the change. Prior to moving in, Randy cooked me some nice meals. Nothing gourmet, mind you, but tasty, well-seasoned foods prepared on the grille, fresh veggies, yummy sauces. You get the idea. In exchange, I would […]

What it Means to be Gay

Of course there is the obvious: being gay means your’e attracted to somebody of the same sex (or simply that you’re happy, depending on your generation). However, there are other things that happen when your’e gay (the modern definition, not your grandfather’s definition). For example: Last night Randy and I got together for dinner with […]

On Being a Sell-Out

This morning I did a terrible thing. I walked into the Harvard Square Bank of America and opened a checking account. Ugh! I’ve always hated the idea of these big entities swallowing up the little ones. But as they say, they gave me an offer I couldn’t refuse: For opening up a checking account, they […]

A Couple More Days in Paris

So after moving this past weekend I spent two days in Paris. Well, sort of. Since Monday was a holiday and Randy ditched me for some business trip in Texas, I decided to go to the movies. The movie I picked was “2 Days in Paris.” This movie has been playing for months and I’ve […]

Home Sweet Home

I’m in! Well, I’m also out. But I’m officially┬áIN to my new home. Things went really well and very smoothly. Randy and I had originally recruited two friends to help (Deano and Jeff). But at the last minute two additional friends (Ben and Zach) helped out. Since I’d already moved all of the boxes to […]

Various Vehicles that Use (and Release) Gas

As I was getting off the train this morning I realized that this was my last morning commuting the way I’ve been commuting for nearly four years. I’m crashing at Randy’s place tonight so will be doing my new commute tomorrow. By next week, I’ll officially be living in, gasp, Somerville and will never be […]

The End is Near

I can’t believe that I’ll be moving in with Randy in only three days. That’s just three more days in my swinging bachelor pad. Well, it never really did swing. Hell, it barely ever swayed. And I guess this means that it never will, either. But that’s OK. With nearly all of my packable belongings […]

Absolutely Fabulous

Those words easily describe my weekend. Not just because together those words are so gay, but because I was in Provincetown: the gayest place on the east coast. Randy and I headed down Friday afternoon and met up with our friends, Scott and Deano, once we got there. We all coordinated so that we were […]