How Much is Too Much?

I didn’t do anything yesterday except go to the gym and to the market, but it felt like a lot. that’s probably because I was so busy on Friday and Saturday.

A friend of Randy’s from his college days was visiting Providence on business so we drove down to meet up with her for dinner. We ended up meeting her at her hotel and then walking in the rain to Citron; a wine bar/restaurant. My meal was good, but Randy’s only found his adequate. The restaurant was chosem because Randy and his friend are both wine fans. Unfortunately, the wine wasn’t so great.

We started off with a sampler. However, they replaced one of the three wines on the sampler with something different (and didn’t tell us). Then, when we requested a bottle of one that we’d sampled by it’s name, we were told they didn’t have any of it and that it was actually something else. We asked for that…and they’d run out. They suggested a similar wine, but it tasted nothing like the original. Finally, the sommelier (sp?) and suggested something else. It was decent, but still not as good as the one we sampled. Oh well.

On Saturday my parents popped up to visit my aunt and uncle (which meant they dropped off the dog at our place). A few hours later they returned, then we all had a late lunch together. That evening, Randy and I attended not one, but two parties.

It’s funny, we’d not been invited to a party since the holidays and when we do, they’re both on the same night. We had a good time at both Sven’s and Mark’s party. But by Sunday, I was beat. I’m surprised I even made it to the gym. I’m glad I’m going on vacation on Thursday. Hopefully I can catch up on some sleep over those 12 days.

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