It’s Tough Being Antisocial

Now that I have the scooter, it seems everybody wants to discuss it with me. When I arrive at work, if a coworker sees me he/she will ask how I like it, how the mileage is, etc…

When I park it on the sidewalk (like when I got my haircut yesterday or when I’ve gone to the gym) I get the same questions.

This morning I filled the gas tank for the third time (since March). Again, for the third time, the person pumping gas next to me (usually in an SUV) asks about mileage.

If I was from the south, or if I was a nice person, I’d enjoy the conversation. But I’m neither of those things. I like to be left alone during my commute – whether by scooter, bus, subway, or foot. Plus, I’m not in love with the scooter. It’s a means of transportation for me; nothing more, nothing less. Maybe I wouldn’t mind answering questions about something I’m interested in or in something that’s a hobby/passion for me. But transportation? It’s just a means of getting from point A to point B.

And for the record, I paid $3.54 this time to fill the tank (it was emptier than it’s ever been).

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  1. Comment by jeff on May 21, 2008 10:40 pm

    I’ll talk to them, I just sold my Zuma on ebay, and I’m looking at either a Vento Phantom R4I or a Lance GS-R 150. I consider it a hobby.

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