A 9/11 Holiday?

So the Peabody, MA, police union wants the new contract to consider 9/11 (of any year) a holiday. That would mean overtime pay for any officer working that day. WTF?

I can see NYC police (and fire, and paramedics) fighting for such a thing since, you know, since they were the actual people who a) helped at the site and b) lost hundreds of their peers that day. But Peabody?

Still, it brings up a good point about how we should be commemorating that day. I’m torn. Obviously, we should not forget. If it’s going to be a holiday for some, it should be a holiday for all. But that’s only if this day should even be considered a holiday in the first place. I know we have Pearl Harbor Day (the closest thing I can think of to an attack on U.S. soil) but we still work. We just use the date to remember it, the same way we currently remember 9/11.

And we have Memorial Day (an actual national holiday) to remember those who died fighting for our rights, no matter which war or on what dates those wars took place. We just remember them all on that one day. I suppose 9/11 could fall under that umbrella.

If 9/11 were to become it’s own holiday, it would be silly to honor it on the actual day since we’ll have just had Labor Day a few days before…two holidays in one week? Why not spread it out?

How about throwing a holiday someday in March or April? That’s the longest stretch without any major national holidays. Plus, the weather is shit and we could use a long weekend. It wouldn’t have to be a 9/11 holiday. We could make one up. How about the First Day of Spring Day? Or, I’ve always thought April Fool’s Day was underrated.


  1. Comment by john on October 22, 2008 11:48 am

    This really is absurd. Peabody cops even have the time and a half on VJ Day!
    They say they’re honoring, but I think it’s slap in the face to the people that died that day. Peabody police have no right to this unless a holiday is announced nationwide.

  2. Comment by Golden on October 22, 2008 12:11 pm

    First of all, it’s only time and a quarter pay. Secondly, I heard on the news (but can’t find in print) that they were exchanging Columbus Day for 9/11 Day. Way more worthy of recognizing than a holiday that is a big lie and disgrace to Native Americans who lived here on the supposedly “discovered” land. And lastly, they are also decreasing the amt of the city will pay for insurance coverage/increasing what the officer will pay. So again, no additional money seems to needed for this. And it being Union, I trust that the officers who voted for this thought it was a fair deal. Also included in there was a 13 percent pay raise over four years, increased bonuses for longevity, and weapons training pay increases.

    And you Bostonians who celebrate Evacuation Day and Bunker Hill Day? Give me a break! If those are such noble reasons to recognize, then why doesn’t even the rest of the state celebrate it?

    And yeah, I think 9/11 day should be at least a state or federal holiday, but that is small government for you.

  3. Comment by Manny on October 23, 2008 11:24 pm

    Also interesting to note is that 1) NYC firefighters and police do not observe 9/11 as a holiday; and 2) Peabody police also recognize V-J (Victory over Japan) Day as a holiday. V-J Day? Really? Come on.

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