I’m not sure what it is, but I realized this morning while commuting to work (listening to music on my iPhone) that I seem to have a thing for songs referencing the number seventeen.

Seventeen, by Ladytron. This is what made me realize my fascination with this number. This might be one of my favorite “contemporary” songs. The lyrics are pathetically repetetive (“They only want you when your 17, when your 21 you’re no fun. They take a Polaroid and let you go, say they’ll let you know, so come on.”)  Seriously, those are the only lyrics to this 4 minute, 41 second song. But I still love it.

At Seventeen, by Janis Ian. Love, love, love this song. As a teenager, who didn’t feel like the ugly duckling? This songs is beautiful (sounding), yet painful (lyrically) at the same time. A song of substance, this one is the polar opposite of the Ladytron song. Plus, it’s so poetic: “To those of us who knew the pain, of Valentine’s that never came, and those whose names were never called, when choosing sides for basketball.”  I was never last at being picked for teams, but I sure was damn close.

Edge of Seventeen, by Stevie Nicks. This one will get me mocked by my friends because it’s from the 80’s, but it really is a great song. And who doesn’t immediately recognize that song when they hear the guitar strumming in the beginning (unless, of course, they confuse it with that dreadful Destiny’s child song that ripped it).

(She’s) Sexy and 17, by the Stray Cats. Again, I’ll receive more mockery for an 80’s song, but this song is retro in so many ways! Retro because it’s from the 80’s, but doubly retro for being an 80’s song that is 50’s inspired.

Let Me Go, Heaven 17. Ok, this one is officially cheeZe (yes, with a capital Z), but it’s so fun! If you don’t know this one, think Yaz , Depeche Mode, or Human League. So, yep, another 80’s song.

I suppose if I thought about it enough (or searched my iTunes) I could find songs referencing  most nunbers (especially the numbe one), but I seem to like, and listen to, songs about the number seventeen the most. Go figure.

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  1. Comment by Randy on January 11, 2010 2:51 pm

    17 years since you graduated college come May ?

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